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Welding tools are foundational to any welding operation, allowing workers to address the demands of various welds and stay safe while they do it. The right tools can help you achieve high-quality welds efficiently, affordably and safely. At Meritus Gas Partners, our network has the selection and expertise to meet the unique requirements of your industry and business.

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Different Types of Welding Tools

Welding tools come in many styles, each supporting different parts of the process.

Welding hand tools are usually handheld tools used to cut, measure, mark and move materials. They include:

  • Welding clamps and magnets
  • Welding pliers
  • Wire brushes
  • Welding squares
  • Chipping hammers

Lincoln Electric, Jackson Safety and Makita are a few popular brands that offer welding hand tools.

Air-powered welding tools are pneumatic tools powered by compressed air. They offer high force or speed for an array of tasks.

Examples of air-powered welding tools include:

  • Angle and die grinders
  • Chisels
  • Welding hammers
  • Impact wrenches
  • Shears
  • Drills

Some notable air tool manufacturers include TopCat Air Tools and Euroboor.

Welding power tools use electrical power to achieve impressive outputs. Your arsenal’s primary welding power tool will likely be your welding machine.

Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), also called metal inert gas (MIG) welding, is a popular option, along with gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), or tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. Other options include shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) machines. Each type of welding has its pros and cons, so be sure to do some research to find the best one for your business.

Other types of welding power tools include:

  • Plasma cutters
  • Spot welders
  • Stud welders
  • Generators

Some of the top brands in this category include Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, ESAB, Hypertherm and Hobart Welding.

This last category includes the must-have welding tools you’ll need for any welding shop or department. They facilitate the process, helping workers stay safe and access the material easily.

Some types of essential welding tools include:

  • Safety products:¬†Every welder needs personal protective equipment¬†(PPE), like welding helmets, jackets, gloves, visors, steel-toed work boots, safety glasses and a welding screen.
  • Work area items:¬†Workers will also need a clean, stable work surface with a welding table, grips and clamps.
  • Consumables:¬†Some types of welders use up electrodes, so you’ll want replacements if you use them, along with welding wire. For gas welding, you¬†will also need gas handling tools¬†like gas cylinders, tank trolleys, hoses and regulators.

Many brands offer safety equipment, including Lincoln Electric, Forney Welding, Trust Protection and Hobart. Hyundai Welding, Victory Welding Alloys and Techniweld are just a few brands offering filler metals.

How to Choose Your Welding Tools

Your welding equipment isn’t a decision to take lightly. Be thorough when choosing your welding tools and keep the following factors and brands in mind.

Criteria for Selecting Welding Tools

Like every large purchase, many factors influence which welding tools are right for your organization:

  • Performance and reliability:¬†A dependable tool can help you create quality welds and work more efficiently with fewer hiccups. Look for a brand with a strong track record of happy customers and check on individual product reviews.
  • Safety:¬†Safety issues are never acceptable with welding tools. Your equipment should only come from trusted manufacturers, ideally with extra safety features.
  • Price:¬†A welding tool must fit your budget, but remember that some low-priced welding tools use poor construction or low-quality materials, so be cautious.
  • Maintenance and repairs:¬†Consider the maintenance requirements of your tools and whether you have the resources to keep up with them. A good warranty could save you costs in the future. Ensure you also have access to¬†skilled gas equipment technicians¬†who can help with repairs.¬†
  • Portability:¬†If you need to take your welding tools to remote job sites, consider how portable they are.

Best Brands for Welding Tools

The best brand of welding tools for your business will vary based on many factors, like your budget, worker experience and workflow. Still, some of the most popular manufacturers include Miller, Lincoln Electric, ESAB and Hobart. They all offer high-quality, reliable tools and equipment with exceptional performance.

Miller and Lincoln Electric are both giant brands with long histories in the United States. They offer high-end tools, including many specialized options, with excellent build quality. Both brands provide great warranties and customer support. ESAB and Hobart do as well, and Hobart tends to offer more mid-range and entry-level products.

These are just a few of the most well-known brands, but we carry tools and equipment from many others. The best way to find the right brand for your business is to talk to your supplier. We can work with you to learn about your needs and find the perfect product.

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Maximize Your ROI on Welding Tools

Like other equipment purchases, a high return on investment (ROI) is essential for maximizing value. Buy your welding tools with a plan for ROI, and consider these tips:

  • Think about the long-term benefits:¬†It’s easy to focus on the price tag, but good tools can deliver significant benefits later. They might boost your productivity and speed and reduce costs for consumables and fuel. A higher upfront price on dependable tools could also save you more in the future through fewer replacements or repairs.
  • Track your costs and benefits:¬†Keep track of productivity metrics that can help you quantify the benefits of a new tool. Record all expenses related to your tools, such as consumables and maintenance requirements. You can use this data to help you find ROI or to gain insights about the general value of your purchases.
  • Take care of your tools:¬†Proper maintenance, regular calibration, the right storage and cleaning can all help you keep your equipment in good condition for a longer life span and better performance.
  • Train employees well:¬†Thorough training ensures your team can use the tools well and derive the most value from them.
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Trust Meritus Gas Partners for Your Welding Needs

Meritus Gas Partners offers a vast selection of quality welding tools from trusted brands. The knowledgeable representatives at our nationwide partner organizations will help you find the right resources for your business, from mighty air-powered welding tools to versatile welding hand tools. Keep them in good condition with the expert repairs and calibration services many of our members offer.

Many of our partners can also help with PPE, welding and cutting consumables and gas mixtures, serving as the one-stop shop for businesses across industries. Whatever your work entails, we can find a tailored solution for welding tools and supplies.

Contact us to learn more about our welding tools or find a partner near you!

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