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Plastics and Rubber

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Plastics and Rubber Gases

The plastics and rubber industry creates many consumer products and manufactures components critical to other industries, like automotive and electronics. Meritus Gas Partners connects you with an established industrial gas supplier to support your operation’s production demands.

Gases for the Plastics and Rubber Industry

Many essential processes in the plastics and rubber industry use industrial gases.

Various plastic manufacturing processes rely on nitrogen. Nitrogen is one of the most commonly used gases for injection molding. As an inert gas, it displaces oxygen inside the mold and ensures the injection molding process goes smoothly. Oxygen holds moisture, so its presence inside the mold can cause defects.

Plastic manufacturers also use nitrogen for plastic extrusion. In this production method, a polymer is pressed through a long, molded shape to create a continuous form. Nitrogen displaces the oxygen in extruders to prevent damage to the product and the machine.

In gas-assist injection molding (GAIM), nitrogen plays a slightly different role. GAIM is a multistep process used for large plastic components. A major challenge in producing large plastic parts is that the formed plastic can shrink as it dries. Nitrogen is added to the mold to ensure the polymer expands to fill every cavity. This process prevents the polymer from shrinking during the cooling phase.

Liquid nitrogen is often used on rubber and plastic molded parts post-molding for cryogenic deflashing.

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Carbon dioxide is also an inert gas, making it useful for injection molding. CO2 can also help with temperature control in polymer production. In injection molding, CO2 can cool hot spots that cause longer cycle times. Carbon dioxide snow is commonly used to clean molds and plastic surfaces before painting.

Plastic manufacturers will often use CO2 because it’s environmentally friendly. This gas can be used for various foaming processes, including extrusion and injection molding types in which a foaming chemical is added to the molten plastic to change its cellular structure. CO2 helps to manage the temperature and acts as a plasticizer.

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Propane is a safe and cost-effective energy source that powers machinery in the plastics and rubber industry. This fuel gas can be used to create heat in injection and rotational molding. It also powers steam boilers that are necessary for many types of rubber processing.

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Meritus Gas Partners is a network of industrial gas and welding supply companies. Our partners are independently operated to maintain the local brands they’ve built, while their affiliation with Meritus Gas provides enterprise-level resources. Independent operation allows our partners to offer personalized customer service that helps them build long-term supplier relationships.

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Our partners provide bulk, microbulk and cylinder gases for a range of plastic and rubber manufacturing processes. With their ability to fill orders onsite and deliver to your location, you receive excellent quality control and convenience from Meritus Gas suppliers. Contact a partner near you today to source your essential gases. Get in touch with our team to learn more about what we do.

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