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Gas Equipment by Meritus Gas Partners

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Gas Equipment by Meritus Gas Partners

Using industrial gases safely and effectively calls for a wide range of gas equipment. From controlling flow to connecting a network of hoses, the capabilities of industrial gas equipment and systems range from the basics and more sophisticated tasks. The experts at Meritus Gas Partners have the vast product selection and knowledge to supply gas equipment tailored to your company’s needs.

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Our Comprehensive Selection of Gas Equipment

Our nationwide network of partners offers a wide array of industrial gas equipment products, including the following items.

Gas regulators control the flow of gas, ensuring consistent, appropriate delivery. This piece of industrial gas equipment can reduce or regulate incoming pressure. Gas regulators come in many different types, such as:

  • Line regulators
  • Pilot-operated regulators
  • Balloon regulators
  • Back pressure regulators
  • Specialty gas regulators
  • High-purity regulators
  • Single-stage and dual-stage regulators

We offer gas pressure regulators from respected brands in the industry like Hobart, Victor and Harris Products Group.

Gas hoses provide the line for industrial gases to connect to other parts of the system. You’ll need them to deliver gases for welding, food production, medical applications and fuel.

They’re usually made of materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and rubber, with configurations designed to offer certain properties. For instance, hoses can match the demands of different distribution systems through characteristics like pressure, flammability, permeability, contamination allowances and temperature. 

Gas fittings connect hoses and lines together to create a distribution system. They’re usually made of metals like stainless steel and brass. The right fittings help prevent leaks and contamination and help meet industry standards. Some fittings designed for hazardous gases also have reverse threads to prevent accidental connections to air or water lines.

This piece of gas equipment comes in many different styles, such as:

  • Cross fittings
  • Elbow fittings
  • Quick-connect fittings
  • Couplers
  • Adaptors

A gas valve has the crucial role of opening and closing the flow of gas. This type of gas equipment comes in basic, manually operated models and automatically controlled versions. Gas valves are usually made of metals with some plastic components.

Styles include:

  • Gate valves
  • Ball valves
  • Check valves
  • Plug valves
  • Globe valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Needle valves

Gas valve designs typically match requirements for certain types of gases or industry standards.

Gas gauges measure and display the amount of gas within a tank. They support reliable gas supplies and predictable workflows by preventing an unexpected empty tank. Gas gauges can alert you to the need for more gas and help you monitor for potential leaks.

Here are some styles of gas gauges used in different applications:

  • Bourdon tube gauges
  • Diaphragm gauges
  • Capsule gauges
  • Pressure gauges
  • Differential pressure gauges
  • Manometer gauges

Gas carts, also called gas trolleys, offer a simple yet essential resource for transporting gas cylinders. They secure the tanks in place and provide wheels to make transportation safer and easier for workers. Businesses also need them to meet requirements from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Some models have extra features for safety or convenience, like toolboxes, locking posts and firewalls.

Gas mixers are also called gas blenders, and they can combine different gases. They come in configurations for varying mixtures and flow rates. Some styles are more precise than others.

Many businesses use gas mixers for creating shielding gases for welding work or generating unique mixtures for lab and clinical applications. Food processors also use them to create the right atmospheric conditions for packaging. While you can buy pre-mixed gases, owning a gas mixer can offer more flexibility and on-demand production.

How High-Quality Industrial Gas Equipment Can Improve Performance

Like other equipment investments, high-quality gas supplies are essential to achieving the results you expect. Quality gas equipment and systems offer improved reliability, helping you prevent hiccups related to malfunctions or errors. They can also support your productivity by allowing you to work with your gas supply more efficiently.

To ensure your supplies serve your needs, you must choose the right items for your system and buy from trusted brands. Well-selected items ensure features and capabilities that meet the demands of your process, while reputable brands provide dependable products backed by excellent build quality.

Gas Equipment in Different Industries

From a party store filling balloons with helium to sophisticated metal fabrication operations, businesses of all types rely on gas equipment to facilitate their applications.

Some of the industries using gas equipment include:

Choosing the Best Brands for Gas Equipment

The best brand for industrial gas equipment and systems will depend on your unique operational environment. Factors like gas characteristics, budget, availability and quality will affect how well different components fit into your gas system and overall business plan.

At Meritus Gas Partners, our partners carry equipment from trusted brands in the industry, and knowledgeable teams can help you find the right products for your operation.

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Explore Industrial Gas Equipment at Meritus Gas Partners

Make sure your gas equipment supports your system and goals by working with the expert suppliers and quality products at Meritus Gas Partners. We can help you find the right components, and many of our partners offer additional services like gas delivery, equipment rental, training and repairs.

Contact us today for more information about gas equipment or find your nearest location to get started!

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