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Dry Ice

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Dry Ice for Sale

Most people are familiar with the gaseous form of carbon dioxide. CO2 also comes in a solid state, commonly called dry ice, which is useful as a refrigerant for various industrial purposes. The term “dry” ice differentiates the material from the substance consisting of frozen water.

Dry ice results from freezing carbon dioxide at a temperature of minus 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. When melting dry ice, it will revert to the gaseous form of CO2 without becoming a liquid.

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Dry Ice Availability & Cost

Dry ice is typically readily available and easy to purchase in pellets, blocks, and more. . The only factor that could cause dry ice scarcity is the inability to locate carbon dioxide gas in a specific area or region. As with most commodities, the unit cost decreases as the purchase volume increases. Prices vary locally primarily due to distance from CO2 source and cost of sourced CO2.

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Dry Ice Uses and Applications

Dry ice has multiple uses in an industrial setting:

  • Medical: The health care industry relies on dry ice for several purposes. Biological samples and even human organs used for organ transplants are often packed in the material during transport. The ice evaporates instead of melts, presenting no contamination risk. Some dermatologists use dry ice instead of liquid nitrogen to freeze warts and moles for removal.
  • Food: Restaurants and other food handling and storage facilities use dry ice to keep vegetables, meat, fish and other perishable items fresh while on display. It can also assist with sanitation in these areas by removing bacteria that foster the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Shipping: With more people utilizing home food delivery services these days, the manufacturers and shippers need something to keep these items cold during transportation. Dry ice is perfect for these processes. It’s available in various forms, such as slabs, chips and pellets, to meet any package shape or shipping environment.
  • Surface cleaning: Some manufacturers use dry ice to clean product surfaces, equipment and machinery. When combined with compressed air, dry ice pellets blasted onto the area can provide a non-abrasive alternative to sandblasting.
  • Pest control: Placing dry ice pellets into the openings of outdoor rat burrows can eliminate these pesky, disease-carrying rodents. As the ice evaporates, it produces carbon dioxide gas and causes asphyxiation.

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Dry Ice Safety

Because of the cold temperature, wearing insulated gloves when working with dry ice is essential. You should also store it in a well-ventilated area.

How to Properly Handle Dry Ice

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