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Industrial Grade Oxygen

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Most people think of oxygen as essential for human survival, but this gas also serves multiple industrial purposes.

Industrial-grade oxygen has different properties than the medical-grade oxygen used to treat patients. The primary difference is the purity level — the medical-grade substance is 99.5% pure oxygen, while oxygen for industrial purposes has a purity of 99.2%.

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Industrial Oxygen Cost and Availability

While industrial-grade oxygen is readily available in normal circumstances, emergencies can create shortages. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic in India, the Indian government sanctioned the temporary use of industrial-grade oxygen to help save patients with breathing issues due to a shortage of medical-grade oxygen. Occasional transportation issues can also cause shipping delays.

While industrial oxygen costs fluctuate, demand for the gas is expected to increase over the next decade. Chemical-related industries are a primary driver due to the need for oxygen as a raw manufacturing material and an oxidizing agent.

Industrial-Grade Oxygen Uses and Applications

Industrial oxygen has numerous uses in industrial and manufacturing settings:

  • Welding: Industrial oxygen is often referred to as “welder’s oxygen” due to its value when performing this manufacturing task. The oxygen increases the wetting of the solid metal by reducing surface tension and enhancing arc stability.
  • Fuel creation: Oxygen assists in ethanol/biofuel production. The oxygen raises the BTU level during the distillation process to convert the raw product into a gaseous state. Industrial-grade oxygen surpasses the 90% to 95% purity range required for this application.
  • Metal manufacturing: Oxygen is essential in the steel manufacturing process. Injecting oxygen into the furnace increases its productivity by enriching the air inside it. The oxygen also reduces coke consumption by enabling the addition of natural gas and powdered coal. Additionally, these steps also lower the overall steel production costs.
  • Paper production: Industrial-grade oxygen can act as a bleaching chemical when manufacturing paper and paper-based products. It helps to remove residual lignin and increases brightness while minimizing the environmental impact.

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Industrial-Grade Oxygen Safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed stringent standards when handling, using and storing oxygen tanks. Store gas-filled cylinders in a well-ventilated, well-protected dry area away from radiators and other heat sources. Separate them from fuel-gas cylinders and other combustible materials such as grease and oil. Avoid dropping the cylinders or allowing them to bang against each other. Close the cylinder valves before and after moving them, as well as when they’re empty.

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