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Fuel Gases

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Fuel Gases

Gases serve many valuable purposes in our lives, including as a readily available fuel and heating source. Industries also use them for everything from operating equipment and machinery to transporting goods, welding, performing heat treatment and completing other essential tasks.

If you need a reliable fuel gas supplier in your community, a Meritus Gas Partners distributor is ready to help. Our vast network includes independent businesses that know your area and the unique fuel challenges you experience. You’ll also receive attentive service from a local provider you can trust.

Types of Fuel Gases for Sale

Fuel gases consist partly or wholly of hydrocarbons, which are compounds comprised of hydrogen and carbon. The specific ratio of these two substances determines the amount of oxygen required to burn the gas. The unique molecular structure impacts the temperature of the fuel’s flames and the amount of heat they generate.

Examples of the many fuel gases our suppliers sell for business and residential use include:

Also known as liquified petroleum gas, propane is a byproduct of natural gas processing. Many companies and individuals choose propane as a clean alternative to other fossil fuels because it releases negligible emissions into the atmosphere. As a leading home heating fuel supplier, your nearby Meritus Gas Partners independent distributor can provide propane for residential, commercial or industrial customers.

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Colorless propylene gas is an essential starting product in the petrochemical industry. Due to the material’s double-bond composition, propylene provides superior combustion performance compared to propane, as its flames burn hotter. The chemical and plastics industries also use propylene as a fuel gas.

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This gas is colorless, tasteless, odorless and lighter than air. Hydrogen has higher thermal conductivity than any other gas, meaning it can transfer heat rapidly. Combining hydrogen with other gases can enhance its performance. A hydrogen and argon combination can create an effective shielding gas for welding. Mixing it with oxygen is ideal for underwater flame cutting on pipelines and oil rigs.

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Acetylene is the hottest fuel gas and features a low flame moisture content. It also requires minimal oxygen for combustion, making it one of the more efficient fuel gases. Other benefits include faster cutting speeds and initiation times, along with enhanced cut quality. Typical applications include flame cleaning, thermal spraying, spot-heating and welding.

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Why Choose Meritus Gas Partners?

When you work with a Meritus Gas Partners fuel gas supplier near you, you’ll receive exceptional service from a longstanding family-operated brand with an impeccable reputation. You’ll receive expert guidance when selecting the most suitable fuel gas for your needs and budget and complete support after the sale. You can also purchase gas equipment from these local distributors if needed.

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Whether you’re looking for industrial fuel gases or home heating services near you, Meritus Gas Partners can connect you with a local supplier offering practical and cost-effective solutions. Take the next step and contact us to learn more about our partners’ fuel gases for sale today. We can even help you locate an independently-operated distributor in your area.

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