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Propane for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications

From fuel efficiency to affordability, propane’s many benefits have businesses and homeowners turning to this versatile alternative fuel. You can use propane for business activities like powering machinery and cutting metal, or you can use it to keep your home or office building cozy and warm all year long. Work with a reliable supplier to make the most of your fuel source.

Industrial Propane Uses and Applications

Industrial businesses need clean, efficient and affordable fuel sources, and propane fits those demands. Most of it also comes from the United States, making it a great way to keep your supply chain domestic for industrial business operations.

The industrial sector uses propane as a fuel source for activities like:

  • Heating buildings, such as warehouses, factories and greenhouses.
  • Fueling furnaces, boilers and kilns.
  • Powering equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks.
  • Cutting metal and welding.
  • Generating power in remote areas or as a backup source.
  • Powering agricultural applications, like crop drying systems and irrigation pumps.
  • Heating water for large businesses such as hotels, hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Many industrial applications require considerable heat, and propane can meet that demand.

Propane in the Commercial Sector

Commercial businesses also turn to propane’s ability to burn fast and hot for reliable hot water and cost-effective heating. Restaurants might use propane to quickly heat equipment in the kitchen and get more precise temperature control. Meanwhile, hospitality businesses could use it to heat large amounts of water efficiently and ensure a positive guest experience.

Propane in the landscaping industry fuels mowers at reduced costs and emits lower emissions, and laundromats use it to heat clothing quickly. It is also a reliable form of backup power and water and space heating for offices, retail facilities, warehouses and outdoor spaces.

Residential Propane: Comfort and Efficiency at Home

You’ll find premium propane appliances for home comfort to help you save money, stay comfortable and enjoy the safety of a nontoxic, odorless gas. Some states even offer rebates for installing equipment that uses propane as a fuel source.

Homeowners can also enjoy propane’s efficiency and versatility with appliances like:

  • Furnaces, water heaters and fireplaces.
  • Stoves and ovens.
  • Clothes dryers.
  • Grills, pool heaters and outdoor lights.
  • Backup generators.

As with natural gas, residents must understand basic safety measures for propane, like watching for a rotten-egg smell, yellow or irregular flames and soot near appliances. If you suspect a gas leak, leave the area, call your supplier, and don’t use any items that could create a spark, including light switches, doorbells and thermostats.

Propane Availability and Supplier Information

Your supplier will play a crucial role in getting high-quality propane to your home or business quickly and reliably, so choose a propane supplier with flexible delivery and a large product catalog of gases and supplies. Businesses that use other gases, such as carbon dioxide and oxygen, can simplify deliveries through a supplier with a vast catalog. Many providers also offer services like equipment rentals, safety equipment sales, welding supplies and training.

Other considerations include a supplier’s commitment to customer service and standards for quality and safety. Businesses with multiple sites should also map out locations to ensure the supplier can reach the entire organization.

Connect With Meritus Gas Partners for Your Propane Needs

At Meritus Gas Partners, you can get propane with all the benefits we’ve discussed. Our partners span across the U.S. and meet strict safety and quality standards. Backed by our expansive selection of products, these partners offer propane solutions tailored to your unique needs for a consistent and reliable propane supply.

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Explore Propane Delivery Options With Meritus Gas Partners

Propane can bring comfort and dependability to your home or a competitive advantage to your business. Whatever you’re looking for, the personalized services from Meritus Gas Partners’ suppliers can make it a reality. Reach out to us today to learn more!