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Keeping Taco Mama’s Patios Functional with Propane Heaters

Patio propane heaters keep Taco Mama’s patio spaces comfortable for their guests

Taco Mama's Restaurant Propane Heaters

Who doesn’t love tacos, burritos, nachos and margaritas? Not many people – at least that’s what Taco Mama has learned since opening their doors in 2011. Taco Mama offers great tasting, fresh food in a funky and fun atmosphere to communities across Alabama.

For more than 4 years, Atlas Welding Supply has supplied Taco Mama’s restaurants with propane tanks and racks rental as well as food grade CO2 tanks.

Like many restaurants, Taco Mama uses outdoor heaters during the colder months to keep their patio spaces functional and comfortable for their guests. Exchanging propane tanks for patio heaters can become quite time consuming and stressful. With Atlas’s support, Taco Mama’s team can concentrate on operating their restaurants–trusting their heaters are supplied with plenty of propane to operate safely and efficiently.

“Atlas provides great, consistent service with their product, which always helps solve problems!” said Janna Bearden.” If we ever need additional backup tanks, the Atlas team is wonderful about getting those out at their next exchange visit.”

In addition to propane, Atlas also supplies Taco Mama with food grade CO2 tanks to keep the fizz in their fountain drink machines.

“Anyone I’ve reached out to at Atlas (both Birmingham and Tuscaloosa) has always been very helpful and kind,” Bearden said. “In emergency situations, we’ve had a sales guy go check out a potential service request and experienced a quick resolution to any delivery needs we may have had. They respect the delivery windows for our restaurants so our restaurant teams aren’t affected, and in general, they are a fabulous vendor partner to us!”

Thank you, Taco Mama, for being a loyal customer! We look forward to our continued partnership!

Providing High-Quality Hospitality Gas Solutions Since 1944

At Atlas Welding Supply, we ensure our customers a safe supply of gas with the responsive support of an experienced staff. Having experience in these applications and environments is the key to success and alleviating any potential issues, such as run outs and equipment issues. We know what we’re doing and truly care about the outcome. Overall, our goal is to take the burden off the customer by giving them confidence in their supply.

Our hospitality gases are used in restaurants, bars, music halls, stadiums, theaters and more. Our gases are also used widely for outdoor patio spaces with gas-powered patio heaters and/or barbecue grills, food trucks using dry ice and propane, and any space with balloons requiring helium. Have a problem? Let us offer a gas supply solution. Contact us today to request a solution.

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