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About Meritus Gas Partners

Gases and welding supplies are critical to a broad range of operations throughout the world. Meritus Gas Partners provides these products and services through our network of industrial gases and welding supplies distributors. With our business model, we drive success for our network of small to mid-sized distributors by connecting them with big company resources that their B2B customers need to be successful.

Meet the Team

Meritus Gas Partners

Who We Are

Meritus Gas Partners is building a national group of gas and welding supply distributors. Our members can access important resources while having the space to continue their families’ operations and the local brands and legacies that come with them.

Our partner companies run independently, preserving the brand, team and management style that made them successful to begin with. Using our resources, these businesses can reach new heights that may have been inaccessible before.

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What We Do

Meritus Gas supports our network of distributors with processes that drive success. Our partners have access to:

The Meritus Gas team defines these processes to streamline the customer experience while improving earnings and stability for our partners.

Our leadership team ensures our partners understand the factors that influence market value and competitive prices that support consumers while driving growth.

With our resources, we enable our partners to strengthen every step between order placement and cash receipt. This optimization improves the customer experience and elevates our partners’ business practices.

We streamline the acquisition process to meld business models and create a positive environment for every partner based on finances, performance and more.

Multi-generational family businesses often encounter shifts with succession plans and shareholders based on who wants to remain involved in the business. We help create a business arrangement for shareholders who want to remain involved while offering liquidity to those who want to step back.

Success On Both Ends 

Why Choose Us?

Partnering with Meritus Gas is valuable to distributors and B2B customers.

  • Dedicated to distributors: When your company has a proven record of success, but your resources are limited, our team offers the growth principles and scale that take your company to the next level. Becoming part of a larger network of suppliers expands your reach and builds your family legacy.
  • Committed to consumers: We’ve selected every partner with careful attention to the traits that have driven their success. In short, our distributors are providers you can trust. Gain access to the resources and stability of a large company with the personal customer service of a family-owned business.

Meritus Gas Partners creates the environment that small businesses need to thrive while connecting consumers to brands they can trust. We value success on both ends and deliver on our mission.

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Find a Partner or Become One Today

Meritus Gas Partners’ network has members throughout the United States to connect B2B and B2C consumers with products and supplies they need for success. Find a location near you to contact one of our distributors.

Are you an independently owned gas and welding supply company looking for growth opportunities? Connect with our team to discuss becoming a partner. We look forward to learning about your brand and the vision you have for your business.

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