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Fuel and Cutting

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Fuel and Cutting Gases

Industrial gases are essential to a wide range of fuel and cutting applications. With Meritus Gas, you can connect with gas and welding supplies distributors that support your operations.

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Gases for Cutting and Fuel

Cutting and fuel applications encompass many types of gases that offer unique benefits based on their use.

Oxygen is the industry standard for cutting mild steel because it offers a clean and fast cut. When oxygen plasma gas interacts with carbon steel, it produces a fine spray that’s easy to eject from the kerf.

In oxy-fuel cutting applications, oxygen is mixed with a fuel gas like propylene or acetylene to create different types of flames for cutting. Some gases offer a hotter flame than others, which is ideal for specific metals.

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Welders will often use nitrogen for plasma-cutting aluminum and stainless steel. This gas is also used for laser-cutting applications. Increasing nitrogen pressure enhances the cutting speeds, allowing for a clean cut for mild steel and thick stainless steel sheets. Nitrogen for cutting applications requires specific purities for a clean cut. Sourcing this gas from trusted suppliers is essential for successful laser-cutting processes.

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Acetylene is a fuel gas often used in oxy-fuel applications. This fuel gas is the hottest and most efficient one available and can offer impressive productivity for cutting and welding applications. Acetylene is the only fuel gas that can be used to cut steel, and it’s lighter than air, making it ideal for underground working conditions.

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Propane is an excellent fuel alternative to natural gas because it burns cleanly and offers a high octane rating for combustion engines. It’s an inherent byproduct of natural gas and powers various appliances, from water heaters and refrigerators to industrial equipment. Propane forklifts are becoming increasingly popular, offering long run times and clean burning for indoor use.

In addition to powering many critical devices, propane can also serve oxy-fuel applications. In particular, oxy-propane is employed for preheating before using oxy-acetylene. While propane can generate as high a temperature as acetylene, it’s a cost-effective option that offers high enough temperatures for preheating.

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Hydrogen is used to power fuel cells that generate carbon-free electrical power. The concept of hydrogen power is not new, but many fuel cell technologies are still in development. Most commonly, these fuel cells help produce biofuels. As a cleaner alternative to other known fuel sources, hydrogen fuel cells may become more common and accessible as technology advances.

In addition to hydrogen’s role in fuel cell technology, it’s also used in generator cooling and chemical processing.

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Our Gas Partners

Meritus Gas Partners is a group of independently operated gas suppliers housed under a single corporate umbrella. This structure allows Meritus Gas to provide the enterprise resources our suppliers need while offering attentive customer service and a personal touch that leads to long-term relationships.

Our partners are located throughout the United States to make their gases accessible to you. Learn more about each of our partners:

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