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Are you looking for a dependable supplier of industrial gases and welding equipment in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and beyond? Since 1968, Terrell-based Mitchell Welding Supply has provided high-quality products and exceptional service to local businesses in various industries. Earlier this year, Mitchell Welding underwent a substantial expansion via the acquisition of the assets of Magnegas (formerly Tyler Welding) with locations throughout East Texas along the I-20 corridor between DFW and Shreveport, LA.

While Mitchell Welding has experienced phenomenal growth since its founding as a four-person company, it remains true to its roots as a small business. All employees will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

At Meritus Gas Partners, we’re proud to have Mitchell Welding Supply as one of our independently-operated distributors. The company shares our vision of helping companies like yours achieve their business objectives

Specialty Gases

Ultra High Purity Argon, Helium and Nitrogen

Mitchell Welding offers specialty gases from our state of the art facility in Tyler, TX.

A Wide Selection of Gas and Welding Products From Leading Manufacturers

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Over more than 50 years in business, Mitchell Welding has formed lasting relationships with some of the most well-known and reputable gas and welding equipment providers to ensure the best quality for its customer base. When you choose Mitchell Welding, you’ll have access to gases and hardgoods from:

  • Miller Electric
  • Hypertherm
  • Lincoln Electric
  • ESAB
  • Makita
  • Tweco
  • Thermal Dynamics

Having such an impressive roster enables Mitchell Welding to provide the right solutions and multiple product options


You’ll find a comprehensive lineup of industrial, specialty and medical gases for various applications. Whether your projects involve welding, cutting, lasers, automation or laboratory work, you’ll find the best solutions for your needs and budget. Flexible, affordable delivery service is also available to ensure you receive your products at the right time.

Safety and Welding Products

Welding and cutting require wearing appropriate equipment to ensure safety and prevent workplace injuries. Mitchell Welding Supply offers a large assortment of personal protective equipment and related products to ensure your company’s workforce can stay safe and productive throughout the workday. Choose from a vast selection of gloves, helmets, face shields and other gear.

Repair and Service

Keeping your gas and welding equipment in peak working condition is essential for maintaining tight production schedules and a safe work environment. Mitchell Welding has an in-house team of experienced, well-trained service technicians who are ready to respond to your repair needs.
Mitchell’s techs have attained certification in the various equipment brands we sell, ensuring high-quality work. They have the knowledge and expertise to fix your products quickly and efficiently.
Modern welding equipment operates with advanced technologies that can be challenging to understand and utilize. Reliable technical support is available to respond to issues and help you through the trouble spots.

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