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A welding gun fills several crucial roles during the welding process. The gun guides the wire to the joint, transfers the electrical current to the wire and delivers the shielding gas. If your company needs a reliable source for guns and other essential welding supplies, a nearby Meritus Gas Partners distributor can meet your requirements. 

The extensive Meritus Gas Partners network includes reputable suppliers offering a wide range of equipment from companies like¬†Tweco,¬†a leading manufacturer of products for arc welding and other industrial applications. You’ll get a high-quality solution at a competitive price and receive exceptional customer service throughout the process.¬†

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Tweco is a recognized industry leader in designing and manufacturing metal inert gas (MIG) welding guns. The company unveiled the world’s first modern MIG gun in 1969. As part of the¬†ESAB family of companies, Tweco continues to deliver industry-best products for manual and precision robotic welding applications across a broad spectrum of industries.¬†

The Tweco welding equipment lineup includes:

  • Manual and automated welding guns:¬†Manual welding guns offer the benefits of simplicity and flexibility, while automated products are faster and more efficient.
  • Water- and air-cooled MIG guns:¬†A water-cooled gun circulates a radiator-generated coolant into the gun’s neck and body. An air-cooled version uses ambient air and shielding gas to dissipate heat within the welding circuit.
  • Electrode holders:¬†These insulated handles clamp onto the electrodes, enabling the welding professional to position them correctly during stick welding applications. They facilitate electrode positioning at 45- or 90-degree angles.
  • Ground clamps:¬†Attaching clamps to the workpiece allows the electric current to create the appropriate welding arc. These mechanisms also reduce the risk of electric shock.¬†
  • MIG consumables:¬†Welding gun consumables include nozzles, contact tips, gas diffusers, insulators, liners and conductor tubes that wear out or become clogged from the heat generated during the welding process and require replacing.
  • Cables and accessories:¬†Welding cables and other accessories connect the machinery to the power supply and perform other essential functions.

Tweco products include a host of advanced technologies that ensure maximum ease of use and rugged, reliable performance in challenging conditions. The unparalleled expertise that goes into every design enables welding professionals to work more quickly, efficiently and safely. 

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The Advantages of Collaborating With a Meritus Gas Partners Supplier

Meritus Gas Partners’ suppliers are family-run businesses that deliver exceptional customer service. They know the companies in the areas they serve and their unique equipment needs, ensuring they’ll have the right products for your applications. Many also offer additional support after the sale by performing timely equipment and machinery repairs.¬†

These entities also benefit from our partnership arrangement by accessing large-company resources while operating within a small business model.

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Learn more about the benefits of purchasing high-quality Tweco welding equipment from a full-service, independently operated Meritus Gas Partners distributor. Take the next step and contact us for additional information and to locate a supplier in your area today. 

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