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Space Industry Gases

The space industry often lies at the forefront of innovation, developing powerful aircraft that empower us with travel and exploration. Many industrial gases play a role in aerospace developments, making gas suppliers a key to their success. Meritus Gas Partners connects you with vendors that meet your industrial gas demands.

Gases for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry relies on high-power systems to help rockets and jets take flight. With the right gases, these systems become safer and more powerful for passenger flights, cargo transportation and space exploration.

In the aerospace industry, argon is versatile and applies to many processes. Most often, this gas aids in the production of lightbulbs and lasers. As an inert gas, it doesn’t interact with other elements, and it increases the bulbs’ life span. Argon also has a place in purging and welding applications. Aerospace operations may also use argon for vacuum carburizing.

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Oxygen has a place in consumer aircraft and spacecraft production. Oxygen systems are essential in passenger planes for emergencies when cabin pressures drop. If the pressurization system in an airplane fails, the oxygen levels will become too low for humans, causing hypoxia. Oxygen masks mimic the oxygen levels at survivable altitudes to keep passengers alert.

In spacecraft production, oxygen is used for bipropellant rocket engines. These systems are extremely powerful and need oxygen to combust the fuel inside the engine. When hydrogen is added to oxygen, the reaction generates high heat that delivers immense power.

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Nitrogen has several applications in aerospace systems. Since nitrogen is inert, many jets rely on this gas to purge high levels of oxygen from fuel tanks. This purging process prevents high combustion rates that cause explosions.

In landing systems, nitrogen is a shock absorber. Airplanes rely on oleo struts to absorb shock during landing, and nitrogen ensures optimal damping as these systems operate. As a dry gas, nitrogen also reduces corrosion on springs and other moving parts used in oleo struts.

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Hydrogen is a powerful ingredient in rocket launch fuel. While this gas is extremely light, it also burns with high intensity. This fact makes it ideal for powering massive rockets and other spacecraft. Typically, hydrogen is paired with liquid oxygen to create a balanced and powerful propellant.

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Helium is frequently used for leak checking.

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