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Propylene Gas for Sale

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Propylene Gas

Propylene is an unsaturated organic compound forming a colorless fuel gas exhibiting a pungent aroma. Propylene gas is similar to propane, but propylene has a double-bond composition that enables it to burn hotter. This characteristic often makes propylene an attractive alternative to propane in heating and cutting applications.

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Propylene Gas Cost and Availability

Propylene is readily available and easily attainable. It is a byproduct of the gas refining process and can be produced via cracking, splitting and reforming various hydrocarbon combinations. The cost of propylene gas gradually increased from $829 to $1,133 per metric ton between 2017 and 2022. Refineries producing less fuel-use propane could impact future propylene prices.

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Propylene Gas Uses and Applications

The three types of industrial-grade propylene have different uses. Depending on your application, your operations may require refinery-, chemical- or polymer-grade propylene gas.

This byproduct of propane production is the only liquid version of propylene and has a minimum purity of 65%. It serves as the basis for propylene gas upgrades and as a raw material for alkylate, a gasoline additive that increases octane levels. It is also a raw material for cumene, a petrochemical used to manufacture phenol.

This propylene gas product features a higher purity level of 94% and is used to manufacture everyday household items like cleansers, soaps and shampoos.

The highest grade of propylene gas has a purity level of 99%. It is primarily used to manufacture polypropylene, a popular thermoplastic polymer.

Propylene gas has many specific uses across a broad spectrum of industries:

  • Fuel: Manufacturing businesses and other entities frequently choose propylene over propane fuel for applications requiring hotter temperatures.
  • Petrochemical: Propylene is one of the oldest and most widely used feedstocks in the gas industry. It acts as a major chemical intermediate.
  • Plastics: Propylene plastics are used for injection molding.
  • Welding: Propylene gas can serve as a viable substitute for acetylene in oxy-fuel welding, brazing, cutting and metal heating for bending applications. Propylene is less volatile and lasts longer than acetylene while providing more BTUs and better heat transfers.
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Propylene Safety

While propylene gas is nontoxic, it does pose some safety hazards. It can cause asphyxiation by displacing air, leading to oxygen deprivation. Keep stored propylene away from hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and ignition sources. Close the valve after use and when the tank is empty.

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