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Manufacturing and Materials Processing

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Manufacturing and Materials Processing Gases

Manufacturing and materials processing is a massive industry that supports many other sectors with its operations. Given the value of this work, the right resources are essential. Many of the operations rely on industrial gases to manage critical manufacturing processes. With Meritus Gas Partners, you can find a trusted supplier to meet your demands for industrial gases.

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Gases for Manufacturing

Manufacturing and materials processing often requires controlled atmospheres to create desired reactions between materials. Manufacturers rely on a series of gases to create these reactions and treat materials for higher durability and quality.

Nitrogen has many applications in material processing and manufacturing because it’s an inert gas. In annealing, nitrogen creates a protective atmosphere around a material to prevent oxidation and decarburization that can disrupt the finish’s quality. Cold spraying is another manufacturing process where nitrogen is essential. Nitrogen can be cooled to a low temperature, which causes metal powder to bond to a surface.

This gas is also used for autoclave inerting. Autoclaves are heated to high temperatures to contain chemical reactions and high-pressure processes. Nitrogen is used inside these devices to prevent the combustion of materials and remove any combustible gases from the atmosphere.

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Argon is another popular gas choice for annealing because it is also inert. Much like nitrogen, argon creates a shield around a surface to prevent unwanted oxidation and improve a product’s finish. This inert atmosphere is also critical in carbon fiber manufacturing. Argon creates a consistent atmosphere that improves quality control for carbon fiber materials.

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Helium is used in the cold spraying process to bond metal powder to surfaces. It also plays a role in annealing for its inert nature. Helium’s ability to cool materials is useful for various material processing procedures, allowing production lines to move more efficiently.

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Acetylene is used for brazing — soldering metals at high temperatures. When mixed with oxygen, acetylene generates a high and focused heat ideal for brazing. Manufacturers use acetylene for its ability to improve the quality of a join.

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About Meritus Gas Partners

Meritus Gas Partners is a group of independently operated industrial gas and welding supplies distributors. Meritus Gas represents these suppliers to provide enterprise-level resources that meet consumers’ demands. With the freedom to operate as they see fit, our suppliers can provide the personal and attentive customer service that leads to long-term vendor relationships.

Our partners offer a range of solutions to satisfy your industry requirements. Flexible packaging and delivery with specialty gas options help you meet your strictest operational demands.

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Meritus Gas connects you with suppliers that deliver quality gases and exceptional customer service. In working with these providers, your operation can build long-term supplier relationships and meet every material processing demand. Find a partner near you, or reach out to Meritus Gas to learn more about our business model.

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