Healthcare Gases

Healthcare operations require gases for many reasons. At Meritus Gas, we connect you with trusted suppliers that provide the essential gases for patient care.

Gases for Healthcare

The healthcare industry utilizes various gases that improve treatment, power critical equipment and protect patients. Given this industry’s strict safety demands, these gases must meet superior purity standards.

Medical-grade oxygen has numerous life-saving applications in healthcare. This gas is used to treat respiratory illnesses when patients can’t intake enough oxygen independently, and it keeps patients alive during surgeries and after major traumas.

The key to medical-grade oxygen is high purity. If any other gases contaminate the oxygen, this poses a risk to patients. Working with a supplier that can provide this high-purity oxygen is essential for medical applications.

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While nitrogen isn’t used directly for patients like oxygen is, it has various uses for medical equipment and support processes. For example, cryogenic nitrogen can preserve blood samples, tissues and other cells for examination in a lab. This gas also cools carbon dioxide surgical lasers.

Pneumatic pressure nitrogen powers a range of gas-powered medical devices, such as orthopedic drills. It can also be used as a displacement medium for vials because it keeps materials sterile.

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The primary use for helium in medical settings is imaging equipment. Liquid helium is used as a refrigerant in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems to cool the superconducting magnets inside. These magnets are critical to systems’ imaging capabilities and allow medical providers to visualize various health concerns for patients.

MRI has steadily become the preferred imaging equipment over X-rays, as it does not involve radiation. As more medical professionals turn to this imaging equipment, helium will become a critical supply item for hospitals and other medical operations.

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In medical settings, nitrous oxide is used for pain relief and sedation, and it’s sometimes referred to as laughing gas. Patients breathe in the colorless and sweet-tasting gas and experience a sense of relaxation. This gas is a depressant and prevents patients from experiencing pain during minor surgical procedures or end-of-life care.

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During laparoscopic surgeries and other non-invasive procedures, carbon dioxide is blown into the body cavity to enlarge the area for greater visibility. During and after administration of an anesthetic, carbon dioxide is mixed with oxygen to provide respiratory stimulation.

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