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Energy and Decarburization

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Energy and Decarburization Gases

Modern energy and decarburization processes depend on various gases to support operations. Meritus Gas Partners connects these operations to bulk gas suppliers so that they always have the needed materials.

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Energy and Decarburization Industry Gas Solutions

In energy production and decarburization practices, operations look for cleaner energy sources and strive to fuel our world with low-carbon power. Various gases are used for these production processes.

Hydrogen is used to power fuel cells that generate carbon-free electrical power. The concept of hydrogen power is not new, but many fuel cell technologies are still in development. Most commonly, these fuel cells help produce biofuels. As a cleaner alternative to other known fuel sources, hydrogen fuel cells may become more common and accessible as technology advances.

In addition to hydrogen’s role in fuel cell technology, it’s also used in generator cooling and chemical processing.

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In biofuel production, plants are the biomass used to create the fuel, and carbon dioxide feeds these plants. CO2 also enables the hydrogen-to-fuel conversion process for fuel cell power. Additionally, carbon dioxide is used as a reactant in chemical processes that produce building blocks for other energy products.

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Using pure oxygen in different energy production processes can improve efficiency and productivity where air can be used. For example, process heaters, gasification procedures and boilers can also use oxygen to increase output.

Oxy-fuel combustion is a common practice in decarburization, as it’s more efficient than air-fuel combustion. Fuels react much faster with oxygen, offering a faster and hotter burn.

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Nitrogen is used as a purging gas in many industries, including energy production. Flowing nitrogen through piping and equipment clears out particles and prevents contamination during production. Nitrogen is also used as a blanketing agent. The gas creates a shield around products and processes, so air cannot contaminate the materials involved.

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The Meritus Gas Partners Network

Meritus Gas Serves Operations Throughout the U.S.

Meritus Gas Partners is a series of independently operated businesses supported under a single corporate umbrella. While the Meritus Gas brand provides the resources these suppliers need to thrive, their independent operation enables them to provide attentive and personal customer service in the regions they serve. These providers offer excellent-quality bulk gases, specialty gases for purity requirements and convenient delivery options.

Our partners include:

With locations throughout the United States, Meritus Gas Partners can serve you wherever you are. We’ve chosen to work with each of our partners for their successful business practices and customer-centric focus. Each of our suppliers is an excellent option for your energy and decarburization operation.

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Meritus Gas connects you with a supplier you can count on for the long term. Many of our partners guarantee the quality of their orders by filling them on-site. With our broad collection of gas offerings, you can cover your energy and decarburization applications with ease. Find a partner in your region today and get in touch. You can also reach out to the Meritus Gas team to learn more about our business model.

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