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With numerous locations across the Northwestern United States, OXARC is a single-source supplier of a variety of products including welding equipment, consumables, specialty gases and safety supplies. Since 1968, we have provided customers across a broad range of industries with practical and cost-effective products and services that help keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Superior technical expertise, exceptional customer service and commitment to high quality make us the perfect partner for all your industrial supply needs. 

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OXARC Products and Services

We offer a diverse selection of welding equipment, gases, safety supplies and other products critical for welding, cutting and similar industrial operations. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, our professionals provide expert advice and personalized service to help clients find optimal solutions.

Featured products and services include:

  • Welding and industrial supplies: OXARC supplies high-performance welding equipment and industrial supplies, including welding machines, robotics, filler rods, abrasives and hand tools.
  • Safety products and services: We can provide everything you need to ensure a safe operation, from new products and technologies to training and regulatory compliance updates.
  • Gases and chemicals: OXARC gases and chemicals offer the highest purity levels in the Northwest. An extensive truck and vehicle fleet provides quick and efficient delivery of your products.
  • Fire services: We are an authorized distributor of all major portable hand fire extinguishing equipment brands. Technicians have extensive training and certification in equipment installation, inspection, testing and maintenance.
  • Welding schools and training: OXARC offers training classes for welders of various skill levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. These courses deliver top-class instruction that helps welders develop the fundamental and technical skills needed for success.
  • CO2 beverage systems and dry ice: OXARC provides a comprehensive range of carbon dioxide (CO2) and dry ice solutions that meet the needs of various applications across the food and beverage industries. 

Benefits of Choosing OXARC and Meritus Gas Partners

Selecting OXARC and Meritus Gas Partners for all your industrial supply needs allows you to receive individualized service and attention from a local business while benefitting from the technology and resources of a leading national brand. Our decades of experience and extensive selection of high-quality products from leading manufacturing brands make the company an unparalleled choice for operations across the Northwest.

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OXARC serves businesses across the Northwestern United States with multiple retail locations, warehouses and distribution centers, including a proprietary trucking fleet. In addition, we feature state-of-the-art solutions that ensure streamlined inventory management and just-in-time delivery. Contact us online today for additional information and to locate an OXARC distributor near you.

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