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Many industries rely on welding and gas equipment to run their day-to-day operations. OXARC is a diversified products and service business that serves our community with industrial solutions. We carry all the essentials and accessories you need for welding in the Okanogan, WA, area. From supplying the latest technology and products to quality repairs and services, OXARC is your trusted, single-source supplier. 

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Reputable Welding and Gas Supply in Okanogan, WA

Looking for a new provider for gas and welding supply in Okanogan, WA? Take a look at the following to learn more about our comprehensive products and services: 

  • Welding and gas equipment: Many applications require the use of welding and gas tools. At OXARC, you get direct access to all the solutions you need for your industry, including sub-arc equipment, inverter welding equipment, gas welding and cutting equipment and numerous related tools for rent or purchase.
  • Industrial tools and equipment: From the smallest jobs to extensive welding and cutting operations, OXARC supplies the latest apparatus available today. We provide a wide range of multipurpose industrial materials, including input power options, ironworkers, positioners, clamps, gauges, grinding wheels, laser levels and waste oil furnaces.
  • Gases and chemicals: From dentistry to retail to manufacturing, having your essential industrial gases on hand is paramount. OXARC delivers an assortment of industrial, medical and specialty gases in cylinders and bulk options. Our ultra high purity specialty gases are certified for laboratory use and equipment calibration.
  • Industrial safety products: OXARC can help protect your employees, customers and assets by providing advanced safety solutions and training services.
  • Filler materials: Stainless steel, aluminum, hard surfacing, brazing rods and specialty alloys are essential for many welding processes. OXARC supplies powders, wires, rods and solders for your operations.

Why Customers Choose OXARC for Their Industrial and Welding Needs

At OXARC, we know that your business needs are ever-evolving. Keeping up with compliance regulations, industry standards and customer expectations can be challenging. Outdated or inefficient equipment can also cause productivity delays and unexpected downtime. That's why we're committed to delivering superior service and quality in the welding industry. Since 1968, we've made it our goal to supply the latest products and technologies that cater to all disciplines that require welding equipment and industrial gas in Okanogan, WA.

We continually upgrade our inventory and facilities to ensure we're always one step ahead in the industry. Our warehouses and stock points are linked to our own trucking and distribution system, helping us deliver your equipment efficiently. We understand the importance of quality workmanship and service.

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Look No Further for Welding and Gas Equipment in Okanogan

When you choose OXARC as your industrial supplier, you join our long-standing customers who benefit from the broadest selection of new products. In Okanogan and beyond, we're always ready to serve our customers and keep your operations moving. No matter your business requirements, we'll work with you to find an appropriate solution and provide timely repairs when you need them.

Contact us online or call us at 509-826-3205 to hear about our equipment offerings at our Okanogan location.