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Hypertherm, a member of the Hypertherm Associates family of companies, started in a two-car garage over 50 years ago and has grown to become one of the world’s leading plasma product innovators. Hypertherm’s plasma cutters and related solutions continue to set the industry standard. They consistently outperform the competition in crucial areas like productivity, cut quality and efficiency.

At Meritus Gas Partners, we partner with independent distributors in your area to ensure you can access a wide selection of Hypertherm plasma cutters for sale. Your supplier will also carry other products that will add significant value to your business. You’ll work with a trusted supplier that will be instrumental in your company’s short- and long-term success. 

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Plasma Cutters and Other Equipment

The extensive Hypertherm product line includes advanced plasma cutting systems and other innovative technologies.

This time-tested metal-cutting method perfectly balances cut quality, speed and cost. The Hypertherm selection includes the high-performing Powermax air plasma product lineup of portable, professional-grade systems that provide maximum productivity. Highlights include:

  • Powermax 65: The Hypertherm Powermax 65 for sale is a next-generation plasma cutter featuring various torches and capabilities to accommodate hand-held and mechanized cutting and gouging applications. 
  • Powermax 45: A versatile Hypertherm Powermax 45 for sale can bolster plasma cutting performance by offering enhanced gouging and fast cutting speeds.

A waterjet system can cut virtually any material, regardless of thickness. It also provides an excellent cut quality. Product options include waterjet pumps with up to 150 horsepower and abrasive management solutions that can lower your company’s operating costs. 

These intuitive, user-friendly software products enable you to spend more time cutting and less time on system programming. Choose from nesting, CNC, tube cutting, sheet metal and robotic options that will allow your business to automate more effectively and increase efficiency and profitability. 

Plasma, waterjet and other cutting systems require motion controls to ensure maximum precision. Hypertherm CNCs provide consistent performance and a high degree of customization. They also enable fast, easy changes and upgrades to offer maximum flexibility and keep your projects moving forward. 

You’ll also find an extensive selection of accessories to help you get the most out of your plasma-cutting equipment and other machinery. Examples include sleds that allow your torches to glide more smoothly over the skeleton’s face and air filter kits for removing oil in compressed air. Plasma bevel-cutting guides are also available to enhance your welding preparation processes.

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Why Choose a Meritus Gas Partners Supplier?

Our independently operated distributors are family-run businesses that will work hard to deliver the attentive service you deserve. Get expert advice for product selection, appropriate usage and equipment upkeep that will add value to your customer experience. You’ll also work with a company that knows what it takes to help your business thrive and prosper. 

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