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Construction Gases

The construction industry is critical to the economy, and gas and welding supplies distributors allow these operations to succeed. Your local Meritus Gas Partners distributor can be a reliable partner for a range of industrial gases that support quality work.

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Gases for Construction Operations

Construction operations need bulk gases to power equipment and handle welding and cutting processes on-site. Many gases play a role in productivity for these applications.

Acetylene is often used with oxygen in an oxy-fuel cutting process. This process uses a combination of oxygen and fuel gas, like acetylene, to weld or cut metals. Propane and propylene are also fuel gases used for oxy-fuel cutting, but acetylene can create the hottest temperatures among the commercially available gases. Using acetylene offers a clean and efficient cut.

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Propane is an excellent alternative fuel source for various construction equipment types when electricity is unavailable on-site. Machinery like heaters, concrete grinders and forklifts are essential for many construction sites, and propane can easily power them. This fuel gas also burns cleaner than other fuel sources.

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Construction teams often use hydrogen in plasma cutting and welding applications. This gas is known for reducing oxidation, so it’s ideal for mixing with argon for welding stainless steel. Hydrogen also presents possible fuel cell options as technologies in the construction sector expand.

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Argon blends well with cutting gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen to improve arc stability and enhance the overall quality of a weld. This inert gas creates a shield around welding gases to reduce contact with atmospheric gases. It is also key for gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).

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Helium is an inert gas like argon, so it’s also used as a welding shield on construction sites. This gas has high thermal conductivity, and it can prevent oxidation and shield the molten weld pool when high heat is required. Typically, high-heat welding applications include aluminum, copper and stainless steel.

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The Meritus Gas Partners Network

Serving Regions Throughout the U.S.

Meritus Gas Partners is a group of independently operated gas and welding supply distributors. Our partners have shown dedication to growth and long-term relationships with attentive customer service. While the Meritus Gas umbrella provides the leading resources these distributors need to thrive, their personalized approaches to customer needs have earned them acclaim. All partners in the Meritus Gas network are providers you can count on.

Our partners are located throughout the United States. Explore the retail locations for each provider:

These distributors ensure the quality of their services by offering gas filling on-site and extending delivery options for many customers.

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At Meritus Gas, we created our network of partners based on these companies’ affinity for growth and dedication to the customer. Working with one of our partners leaves you with a trusted team with a local presence. Build long-term supplier relationships and find the industrial gases you need for any project. Look for a supplier near you, or reach out to the Meritus Gas team to learn more about our business model.

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