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Metal Production and Mining

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Metal Production and Mining Gases

The metal production and mining industry supports other industries around the globe, from consumer products to infrastructure. These operations need industrial gases to fuel different processes and keep miners safe. With Meritus Gas Partners, you can find a partner near you that supplies your critical gases.

Gases for Metal Production and Mining

Mining and metal production operations rely on a few key gases to complete essential processes.

In mining, nitrogen can create an inert environment underground. Oxygen and methane increase over time in underground areas, and both gases are highly flammable. Pumping nitrogen into sealed workspaces reduces the atmosphere’s flammability and protects workers from explosions.

In metalworking, nitrogen is used for annealing. This process increases a metal’s ductility while reducing hardness. Annealing is essential for producing metals that will not crack under pressure and can be easily shaped. Nitrogen also creates an inert atmosphere around furnaces to prevent explosions.

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Mining operations use carbon dioxide to create inert atmospheres in sealed mining areas. Current developments surrounding CO2 also see the gas as a means of streamlining the mining process. Carbon dioxide can weaken rock that contains carbon by breaking down the structure. In doing so, mining becomes less energy-intensive.

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Oxygen is essential for the steelmaking process. In the basic oxygen process (BOP), high-purity oxygen is blown into a furnace containing molten iron and other metal scraps. The oxygen causes a reaction that releases high heat and oxidizes impurities in the batch. By reducing impurities like sulfur and carbon, steelmakers create steel with improved strength and corrosion resistance.

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Argon is used alongside oxygen in argon oxygen decarburization (AOD). During this process, liquid metal is injected with an argon-oxygen gas mixture. With the argon diluting the oxygen, only a small amount of alloy is oxidized. Carbon levels drop, and more argon is added to the vessel of liquid metal. Then, argon removes hydrogen and nitrogen for higher-purity steel.

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Partners Throughout The United States

Source Industrial Gases From Meritus Gas Partners

Meritus Gas Partners is a network of independently operated industrial gas and welding supply companies. Our partners are located throughout the United States and support the success of mining and metallurgy productions with packaged gases. While our enterprise resources back our partners, they’ve still maintained a connection to their communities and provide the personalized customer service you want from a supplier.

We have partners throughout the United States to work with you wherever you are. Learn more about our partners:

Each of our partners supplies specialty gases to meet high-purity demands in metallurgy. Additionally, flexible delivery capabilities offer convenience for your operation.

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Find a Supplier Near You

Discover gases for mining for sale from our partners. We’ve selected our independent distributors for their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, making them reliable long-term vendors. With locations nationwide, our service-oriented suppliers are accessible wherever you are. Find a location near you today, or get in touch with Meritus Gas to learn more about our business model.

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