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Helium Gas for Sale

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Helium is a colorless, odorless, nontoxic gas that is relatively rare in the Earth’s atmosphere. Helium gas is chemically inert and has high thermal conductivity, enabling it to transfer heat effectively and take it from the surrounding environment. Moreover, helium has the lowest known boiling point of any gas.

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Helium Cost and Availability

Helium has been in short supply for over 15 years. The shortage in 2022 marked the eighth year of a supply deficit between 2006 and 2022. According to scientists, at the current rate of global helium consumption, the current supply will last approximately 100 to 200 years. Only a limited number of helium suppliers exist in the world — the top nations that produce helium are the United States, Russia, Algeria and Qatar.

The global helium shortage has led to historically high prices. In January 2023, the retail chain Party City filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in a large part due to the increasing cost of the helium it sells for filling balloons.

Helium Uses and Applications

Helium has multiple uses, and its specific applications depend on the gas’s grade. For example:

  • Grade 6.0: This highest grade is closest to 100% pure helium. It’s primarily used when manufacturing semiconductor chips for computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions and other electronic items.
  • Grade 5.5: This ultra-high-purity helium grade is used in laboratory research, as a welding shielding gas, as a cooling gas for fiber optics and for many other purposes.
  • Grade 5.0: High-purity helium gas suits laboratory applications that don’t require an ultra-high-purity product. It can also fill blimps and weather balloons.
  • Grade 4.8: The military often uses the highest-purity industrial-grade helium product for various classified and non-classified applications.
  • Grade 4.5: The grade 4.5 helium version serves the needs of the balloon industry and is a push gas for MRI medical applications.
  • Grade 4.0: All 99.99%-pure helium products — like 4.0 and lower grades — fit the classification for “balloon-grade” or “lift-grade” helium. Besides filling balloons, other applications include airbags, leak detection and heat transfer processes.

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Helium Safety

Because helium gas is noncombustible and nontoxic, you can use it safely indoors and outdoors. However, inhaling helium can lead to injury or death, as it can cause suffocation by displacing oxygen. Like any gas stored under pressure, handling condensed helium in a tank can be dangerous. It’s essential to secure the cylinder and prevent it from falling over. Remove the balloon nozzle from the tank before transporting it.

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The Meritus Gas Partners independent distributor near you is the most reliable source for specialty-grade helium gas. You’ll work with a local business that will deliver superior customer service. Contact us online today to learn more about helium gas for sale and find a supplier.

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