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Aerospace and Defense

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Aerospace and Defense Gases

Companies in the aerospace and defense industry rely on gases and welding equipment for various aspects of their day-to-day procedures, including manufacturing, fueling and equipment operations. These organizations require dependable, experienced suppliers that understand and are responsive to their needs.

At Meritus Gas Partners, we recognize the challenges these entities face and the importance of getting suitable gas and equipment on time to keep projects on schedule. If your company needs gas and welding supplies for aerospace and defense applications, our network of independently operated distributors will deliver results that exceed your expectations.

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Choose From Various High-Quality Gases

The Meritus Gas Partners distributor near you can provide all the necessary gases for aerospace and defense industry applications:

This inert gas provides shielding during the welding process when manufacturing aircraft and military equipment. It also plays a prominent role in heat treatment, pressure testing and thermal spray tasks.

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The aerospace industry uses lighter-than-air helium for fuel tank pressurization and to control and prevent potentially harmful chemical reactions in semiconductors.

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Using hydrogen as an energy source when propelling aircraft or rockets significantly reduces the global warming impact during flight.

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Non-flammable, chemically inert nitrogen gas optimizes the damping efficiency in oil-filled shock absorbers and inhibits combustion in aircraft fuel tanks.

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Aviation-grade oxygen supports pilots’ and passengers’ breathing during high-altitude breathing. Oxygen can also serve as rocket propellant and for thermal spray applications.

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Welding and Cutting Supplies for Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense welding and cutting are high-precision processes with no error margin. A Meritus Gas Partners supplier is your one-stop headquarters for high-performing equipment that always delivers:

  • Oxy-acetylene welders: These machines perform most of the gas welding techniques during aircraft fabrication. The equipment mixes appropriate proportions of oxygen and acetylene gas to produce combustion.
  • Electric arc welders: The aerospace industry uses this equipment for aircraft repair projects. Technicians can use the machinery to join any weldable metals when implementing the proper materials and processes.
  • Shielded metal arc welders: SMAW is a form of electric arc welding, also known as stick welding, and is beneficial for aerospace and defense applications because it produces the strongest hold of any welding method and works with metals of various thicknesses.
  • Tungsten inert gas welders: TIG welding is a good choice for the aerospace industry because it can join various metals in an aircraft without requiring fasteners.
  • Plasma cutters: These advanced machines can precisely cut metal sheets and structures consisting of all the common materials used in aircraft fabrication, including titanium, aluminum and their alloys. They’re also useful for dismantling and scrapping aircraft.
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Why Choose Meritus Gas Partners?

When you select a Meritus Gas Partners independently operated distributor for aerospace and defense industry gases and welding equipment, you’ll collaborate with a local, family-run business that understands your company may have unique needs. You’ll also receive the first-class service you demand and deserve.

Learn more about what makes our suppliers the best option for welding equipment and gases for the defense industry. Contact us for additional information today.

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