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Atlas Welding 

At Meritus Gas Partners, we welcome leading gas distributors and welding suppliers into our network who represent many of the top manufacturers in the industry. Atlas Welding Supply provides high-quality products and services to companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

Based in Tuscaloosa, AL, this business has been a leading distributor of industrial gases and welding and cutting supplies since 1944. With decades of experience, Atlas is a trusted partner delivering customized solutions for maximum productivity and efficiency.

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Serving Alabama

Atlas Welding has two locations in Alabama — Tuscaloosa and Birmingham — and carries a range of products to meet your welding and industrial gas demands. The Atlas Welding team is available to consult with you in person to provide any support you need related to its products. Both facilities are open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Products Available From Atlas Welding

Atlas Welding offers gases, welding equipment, accessories, supplies and consumables. They feature Lincoln Electric’s products. Choose from a variety of options to meet your company’s requirements. 

Welding and Cutting Gases

Welding and cutting require various gases for shielding and as fuel for heating metal. Atlas offers an assortment of gases, such as argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and oxygen along with all the standard welding mixtures that deliver the highest performance levels. You can also choose from a wide selection of essential welding and cutting equipment like plasma cutters from Hypertherm, hoses, regulators and torches. Safety supplies and PPE are also in stock.

Fuel Gases

Atlas can supply your businesses with numerous fuel gases. Many commercial, agricultural and industrial applications use clean-burning propane for fueling fork lifts, warming greenhouses, and powering crop dryers. Examples of other product options include propylene, acetylene and hydrogen.

Food and Beverage Gases

Atlas sells carbon dioxide gas to serve as a refrigerant, a preservative or carbonation for beverages. Carbon dioxide gas can also kill insects, making it a nontoxic pesticide that protects fruits and vegetables from infestation. Businesses that can benefit from food and beverage gases include restaurants, bars and breweries.

Hospitality Gases

Gases have many uses in the leisure and hospitality industry. Helium fills balloons for parties and other festive events, and carbon dioxide assists in the functioning of beverage dispensing equipment. Propane gas can fuel outdoor heaters for patios and barbecue grills. Nitrous oxide is used as a propellant in whipped cream.

Medical Gases

The medical profession relies on gases for many aspects of the patient treatment process. Atlas Welding can supply your office or facility with nitrous oxide to sedate patients during dental procedures or medical air to assist respiration. Oxygen is another essential gas for resuscitating sick or injured individuals and providing inhalation therapy. 

Specialty Gases

These gases are scarce or have high purity levels — or both. Atlas offers high and ultra-high-purity versions of various gases that can improve yields, reduce costs and optimize performance in multiple industries. Examples of the available specialty gases include argon, helium, methane and nitrogen. 

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Gases We Provide

Popular Gases

Offering an Expert Team

Atlas Welding has been in business since 1944 and has the expertise to support your gas and welding equipment requirements. Some of the employees of Atlas Welding have supported the business for 30 years, enabling them to understand every industry demand at every scale.

This expertise is about more than recommending the right product — it’s about productivity and profitability. At Atlas, you gain access to the resources that offer the best results for the lowest cost, so your business can thrive. The Atlas team will look at your unique workflow to identify efficiency improvements with the gases and equipment it provides.

Customized solutions are the foundation of Atlas Welding, making it the right choice for your industrial gas and welding equipment needs.

A Proud Partner of Meritus Gas

Atlas Welding is a committed partner of Meritus Gas for its dedication to excellence and growth. Atlas Welding’s position in the industry enables it to build meaningful relationships with every customer as its team delivers industry-leading resources under the Meritus Gas umbrella. 

Find Atlas Welding Near You

Atlas Welding Supply Company serves operations in Alabama. When you want a small business connection with large enterprise resources, Atlas is the provider to turn to. Find a location near you using the map above to consult with an experienced team and find the right products for your applications. 

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