Swift Cut Plasma Tables


Swift-Cut began in 2011 with the mission of becoming a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable CNC cutting machines. Since then, they’ve created an extensive product line of high-performance machines. Meritus Gas Partners is proud to offer Swift-Cut products through our network of partners.

Swift-Cut Plasma Tables

Swift-Cut offers four product lines with impressive performance specs.

The Swift-Cut Pro is one of the bestselling CNC plasma cutting machines on the market. This model features a fully welded base, laser positioning crosshair, fully enclosed cutting head and 360-degree breakaway head. Smart torch height control makes it easy to cut with complete precision. The user-friendly included software ensures all operators are comfortable and confident as they work. 

The Pro model comes in four sizes to accommodate different project needs. These machines offer impressive efficiency and durability for an excellent return on investment.

The XP plasma table is a heavy-duty model built for larger productions. These models offer many of the features that made the Pro successful, including a 360-degree breakaway head and intelligent torch height control. Additional features include advanced CAM software with auto nest, five plasma power source options and the ability to cut materials up to 32 millimeters thick. The Swift Cut XP has a heavy, fully welded base for stability as it operates. With two large size options available, it equips operations to keep up with high output demands.

The HVAC Pro is a CNC plasma cutting table for ductwork fabrication. These models take inspiration from the standard Pro design and come with additional features that address the challenges of ductwork. With a soft sense initial height sensing system, the HVAC Pro offers precision height referencing for sheets as thin as 0.5 millimeters. Its linear rail and rack and pinion drive system allow the machine to cut at high speeds and make accurate changes in cut direction when required. 

With Autodesk CAMduct Fabrication, users gain access to the largest library of parametric shapes commonly used in ductwork fabrication. Automate your design with this user-friendly software.

Swift-Jet Pro is Swift-Cut’s line of water cutting machines. These high-performance machines can cut virtually any material, from glass and granite to steel. With a focus on affordability, the Swift-Jet Pro brings precision waterjet cutting to operations of all sizes. With waterjet cutting, users create a clean cut with no heat-affected zone.

Use the Swift-Jet Pro to cut metal up to 50 millimeters thick. IGEMS software is included with every machine for precision cutting performance. 

Choose Swift-Cut for CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Meritus Gas has partners throughout the United States that carry Swift-Cut products. Find a location near you today. Contact Meritus Gas Partners to learn more about Swift-Cut. 

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