Welding and Cutting Automation

Welding and Cutting Automation

Manufacturing, in any industry, requires intensive manual labor and handling heavy-duty machinery. It involves systematic processes conducted regularly for large-scale production of goods. With tight production timelines, businesses prevent delays by resorting to automation.

Welding and cutting automation are examples of ideal solutions for various manufacturing operations. They help increase work productivity without compromising results and precision. It assures clients of consistent quality work minus the burden on people’s performance.

Various Automation Options

There are several automation options available to people in the welding business. A few of them are robotic automation, cutting automation and COBOT systems.

Robotic Automation: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision

Robotic automation is the total automation of processes using mechanized programmable tools. Its goal is to increase accuracy, enhance safety and speed up project completion. In welding, this is done by automating the welding process and handling the part.

Industrial robots are the main characters of robotic welding automation. They operate for extended hours, performing tasks repetitively without fail. Robotic power sources ensure the efficiency of the robots and so do robotic wire feeders. Wire feeders are devices that “feed” wire electrodes into the welding arc through the torch or gun.

The most common types of robotic welding processes are:

  • Arc welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Laser welding
  • Plasma welding
  • Spot welding
  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding

Cutting-Edge Cutting Automation

Metal-cutting requires precision and close monitoring. The same goes for welding, where operators always go back and forth to the power source to ensure safety. Welding and cutting automation eliminates the need for constant checking by machinists while also increasing productivity.

Remote control in welding and cutting is great for dealing with high production demands. They’re convenient and allow you to set parameters according to your needs. Moreover, they have many applications such as:

  • Laser cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Water jet cutting
  • Oxyacetylene cutting

Cutting Tables

Your local Meritus Gas Partners distributor offers a full line of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery. CNC tables allow a computer to control the torch head and make clean sharp cuts. Modern CNC plasma equipment is capable of multi-axis cutting of thick material, allowing opportunities for complex welding seams on CNC welding equipment that are not possible otherwise.

A specialized use of CNC Plasma Cutters has been in the HVAC industry. The software will process information on ductwork and create flat patterns to be cut on the cutting table by the plasma torch. Most cutting tables operate horizontally, but with growing technology, Vertical CNC Plasma Cutting Machines are available. This new technology provides a machine with a smaller footprint, increased flexibility, superior safety, faster operation, is environmentally friendly and more energy efficient.

COBOT: Enhancing Human-Machine Collaboration

Collaborative robots (COBOTs) are designed to promote human-machine interaction in the workspace. Equipped with sensitive sensors, these robots boost performance and keep human workers safe from injury. COBOTs switch to a safety mode, unlike traditional robots that continue working when interrupted. 

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Advanced Automation Technologies for Modern Industries

Modern industries benefit greatly from mechanized automation. It streamlines processes while still giving you full control of your machinery. With automated welding and cutting equipment, you can adjust parameters and tailor them to your needs.

One example is orbital welding, a process where the welding tool fully rotates around a static workpiece. It’s an alternative to manual welding and helps achieve uniform welds in gas tungsten arc welding processes.

Explore other mechanized automation solutions by connecting to your local Meritus Gas Partners. Our team can provide you with a rundown of all available solutions for your business.

Choosing the Right Welding Automation Partner for Your Business Needs

Meritus Gas Partners is a pioneer in industrial automation solutions. Our wide network of distributors makes automation a breeze for our clients. Finding the equipment you need for your business has never been easier.

We help small businesses thrive in the industry by connecting them to brands they can trust. We make manufacturing and industrial operations safe and efficient.

Tailoring Automation to Your Strategic Goals

At Meritus Gas Partners, we view automation as an investment. To ensure we deliver the best for our clients, we identify their business needs and connect them to the most suitable equipment.

What system will fit my needs?

We work with industry leaders to develop a cutting application to fit your needs.

Smaller tables are perfect for technical schools, small fabrication shops, entry-level manufacturers and HVAC shops. Larger machines are great for manufacturers looking for flexibility and reliability. They can accommodate multiple cutting applications, including plasma cutting and beveling, oxy-fuel cutting and beveling, punch marking, routing and drilling.

When considering a cutting table, let one of our experts help you develop a system that will increase safety and overall production performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what Meritus Gas Partners can provide with these frequently asked questions.

Welding automation is the use of robots to enhance the quality, precision and speed of welding processes.

Meritus Gas Partners offers a variety of automated welding and cutting equipment. We also have guns and torches, fume control and training equipment.

Cutting automation increases productivity and profitability. It allows you to keep up with demands and reduce production scraps. It makes cutting safer and more precise.

Aside from equipment automation and distribution, we provide equipment rental, repair services, tool repair and cylinder tracking.

Our wide network allows us to connect clients to an array of brands. Contact our team for a comprehensive list of brands and services offered.

Elevating Your Production Capabilities

Meritus Gas Partners is committed to providing high-quality and reliable equipment to our clients. Reach out to Meritus Gas Partners to revolutionize your welding and cutting operations today.

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