Weldcote is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality welding supplies and abrasives. The team has a strong position in the industry as a valued manufacturer and trusted supplier. With a mission centered around customer satisfaction and product innovation, Weldcote is a valued brand offered throughout the Meritus Gas Partners network. 

Weldcote Welding Supplies

Weldcote specializes in a range of welding supplies to support the quality, efficiency and safety of welding projects.

Source filler metals for MIG and TIG applications and buy alloys for brazing. Weldcote metals include filler metals, electrodes, solders, fluxes and chemical aids. These proprietary products feature a range of metal types to work for different types of projects. The filler metal selection includes carbon steel, mid- and low-alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel and copper-based alloys. 

Electrode options include mild steel, stainless steel, nickel and tungsten. Weldcote also carries electrodes specifically for maintenance and repair work. Chemical aids include products like:

  • Nozzle gel
  • Galvanizing spray
  • Coolant
  • Anti-spatter

Abrasives are often essential for leaving a clean, high-quality weld. Weldcote offers many types of abrasives and accessories to equip welders to prepare or improve any surface. These products include:

  • Flap discs
  • Resin fiber discs
  • Quick change discs
  • Flap wheels
  • Surface conditioning abrasives
  • Resin bonded abrasives
  • Carbide burs
  • Resin cones, plugs and resin cup wheels

Weldcote has a collection of welding machines under the Striker name. These machines include standard, MIG and TIG models for your applications. The Striker 160 is the standard model and features digital readouts, arc force design and power factor correction. Stock all of your required welding machine accessories from Weldcote with power adaptors, flow gauges, feed rollers and torches.

Other notable tools in the Weldcote inventory are:

  • Hoses
  • Holders
  • Markers
  • Clamps and pliers
  • Accessories, like cable connectors and tip cleaners

Weldcote welding helmets are the best-known product in the company’s safety collection. While you can find standard welding helmets, the company also offers auto-darkening helmets with analog and digital optical filters for clear views during welding. These helmets have standard all-black designs as well as patterned options for added personality. The rest of the safety collection includes:

  • Lens replacements for standard and auto-darkening helmets
  • Helmet accessories
  • Gloves

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With a wide selection of welding supplies and abrasives, Weldcote is a provider you can count on. Find a partner location near you to source these products from our network, or contact Meritus Gas Partners to learn more about Weldcote.

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