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Aquaculture Gases

The rapidly increasing global demand for seafood has created the need for advanced technologies to grow food in controlled aquatic settings. Aquaculture, also known as aquafarming, is the process of breeding, raising and harvesting fish, shellfish, algae and other organisms in marine and freshwater environments. In the U.S., aquaculture helps to produce various fish species, such as oysters, clams, mussels, salmon, shrimp, black sea bass and yellowtail.

Various gases play a prominent role in all phases of aquaculture and provide essential support for the industry. A Meritus Gas Partners independently operated distributor can ensure your business has an ample supply of high-quality gases for specific aquaculture applications.

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Oxygen for aquaculture farming gas helps to maintain appropriate levels of oxygen in the water, which is important for several reasons. Growers will experience improved feed utilization, leading to higher yields and increased productivity and quality.

Getting fish and other seafood to market as quickly as possible is crucial for sellers in highly competitive regions. Appropriate levels of oxygen gas can substantially reduce the growth period, enabling faster and more frequent harvests. It also promotes better fish health, reducing the mortality rate and lessening dependency on expensive medications to prevent illnesses.

Additionally, oxygen for aquaculture farms conserves energy, lowering harvesting costs. In an era where businesses in all industries must be more eco-friendly to remain compliant, oxygen can minimize the environmental footprint. It also reduces operating costs by providing more production stability.

A Meritus Gas Partners distributor can provide compressed and liquid oxygen (LOX) gas and extensive application expertise to optimize your company’s gas usage.

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Using carbon dioxide for aquaculture farming is beneficial after harvesting the fish and during the storage, handling and transportation processes. Colorless, odorless CO2 gas helps increase the products’ shelf life and maintain their quality until they reach the consumer.

Dry ice, which is the solid, frozen form of carbon dioxide gas, is also instrumental in the aquaculture industry. It keeps the fish cold during transport and evaporates into their instead of melting into a liquid that could contaminate the goods.

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Inert nitrogen gas can also be used to preserve the fish after harvesting. It freezes the products to prepare them for transport and extend their shelf lives. The gas protects the nutrients and prevents aerobic microbial growth that can cause spoilage.

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Meritus Gas Partners distributors are independently operated, locally-managed businesses that serve as reliable gas industry resources for their customers. Besides offering high-quality gases for sale, they provide exceptional service to maximize the customer experience. You can also purchase an assortment of gas equipment to optimize your processes and increase productivity.

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