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Grow Houses

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Grow House Gases

Grow houses are an essential aspect of agriculture. While they’re responsible for growing produce, they also have an expanding presence in the cannabis industry. These grow houses depend on various gases for operations, and Meritus Gas offers support.

Gases for Grow Houses

Grow houses contribute to a portion of crop production because growers can control the environment far more than in a field. With the right bulk gases on hand, these growers can maximize crop production.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most heavily used gases in greenhouses because it’s a necessary ingredient for photosynthesis. Grow house operations supplement the atmosphere with CO2 to increase crop yields and make the most of their growing efforts.

Buying cylinders of CO2 is a safer route for supplementing greenhouses with this gas than other alternatives. Some operations may have carbon dioxide generators on-site that use fossil fuel combustion to create the gas. However, this method can also produce carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide ‚ÄĒ two toxic gases that can pose a risk to workers in the area. CO2 is available in high pressure cylinders, liquid dewars, microbulk and bulk supply systems.

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While ethylene can harm crops in high concentrations, small amounts of this odorless, colorless gas can be beneficial. This gas is valuable for seed germination, fruit ripening, adventitious rooting and more. With ethylene and a regulation system, growers can encourage these growth processes and increase crop yields.

Ethylene is one of the gases used in cannabis grow houses for its ability to grow female flowers on the plant. With more female flowers, growers can access more seeds that expand crop potential. Using ethylene strategically can also support other types of crops, like fruit.

While CO2 is often the first gas associated with plant life, oxygen is just as critical. Oxygen is particularly important in irrigation, as plants need the gas to increase nutrient intake and respire efficiently. While CO2 helps plants photosynthesize, oxygen keeps them healthy as they grow.

Growers must control oxygen levels in their irrigation systems to ensure optimal oxygen delivery to crops. Growers may keep oxygen cylinders on-site to supplement the irrigation system when needed to prevent levels from dropping below ideal ranges.

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While propane is not used directly on crops, it’s a critical greenhouse heat source. Keeping grow houses at specific temperature ranges is essential for optimal growth. Growers use propane to power forced-air furnaces, bottom-heat boilers, cooling systems and dehumidification systems, making the grow house environment ideal for the crops inside.

Propane is a versatile power source, and local power grids do not restrict it. If an area loses power, growers can maintain stable temperatures with propane generators.

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