Leisure and Hospitality

If you run any type of business in the leisure and hospitality industry, gases likely play a significant role in your daily operations. They’re essential for everything from inflating balloons for parties to serving drinks and heating the venue. 

Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy leisure and hospitality gas supplier in your area? Meritus Gas Partners can connect you with an independently operated distributor that carries the solutions you need. You’ll work with an experienced provider that understands your business and what you require to be successful. You’ll also receive excellent service to maximize your customer experience. 

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Choose From Multiple Leisure Gas Solutions

Leisure and hospitality encompass many areas that can benefit from high-quality, readily available gases from a reputable distributor. 


What’s a party or another celebratory event without an assortment of brightly colored balloons placed throughout the venue? Helium is the best balloon gas because it is abundant, nontoxic, noncombustible and lighter than air. 

Helium gas cylinders and related equipment and accessories from one of our partners offer a convenient, safe and cost-effective solution. Besides festive gatherings, these products are also an excellent choice for promotional events, grand openings, shows and exhibitions and wherever else your customers utilize mass quantities of balloons. 

Beverage Dispensing

Bars, restaurants, caterers, concessionaires and other businesses that sell alcohol need food-grade carbon dioxide or nitrogen for dispensing beverages. Cylinders of these gases offer a convenient solution for these and other business entities. They’re available in multiple sizes and quantities to ensure the best outcome for every business. For larger volume users, carbon dioxide in microbulk supply systems offers a reliable, cost-effective and safer alternative to high pressure cylinders.

Home Use

While many leisure and hospitality gas solutions are perfect for business and commercial applications, some can serve the needs of homeowners. Propane gas, also known as liquified petroleum gas, is a clean-burning fuel that works well for indoor and outdoor heating applications. 

The many propane uses include fuel for home heating systems, barbecue grills, cooking, clothes washing and water heating. Depending on the user and their requirements, they can purchase propane in cylinders of different sizes or sign up for delivery services to keep much larger outdoor propane tanks filled throughout the year. 


Some people engage in arc or laser welding as a hobby. Most welding processes require gases for heat shielding and other essential procedures. A Meritus Gas Partners supplier can provide an array of gases in various quantities to ensure safe and efficient welding applications. Examples include argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, propane, oxygen, propylene, welding gas mixtures, nitrogen and acetylene. 

Why Choose a Meritus Gas Partners Supplier?

Purchasing leisure and hospitality gases from a Meritus Gas Partners independently operated distributor offers many benefits. You’ll receive local service from a family-run business you may already be familiar with, removing the uncertainty when choosing a supplier. You’ll also have access to substantial product expertise to help you make a more informed purchasing decision. 

Learn more about the advantages of choosing a Meritus Gas Partners supplier for your company’s leisure and hospitality gas needs. Contact us to request additional information and locate a partner in your area today.

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