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At Meritus Gas Partners, we’ve created a network of leading welding equipment and industrial gas distributors throughout the U.S. to provide a wide range of high-quality products to companies like yours. Our partners serve the needs of businesses in industries ranging from chemical manufacturing and oil and gas to aerospace, general construction, automotive and many others.

Our extensive distributor network carries products from some of the most reputable and trusted industry manufacturers to ensure their customers get equipment that meets expectations in crucial areas like productivity, efficiency, ease of use and cost savings. Many are also certified repair facilities for the brands they represent, making them your one-stop machinery headquarters.

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Examples of the leading equipment brands our suppliers represent include:

Miller Electric

Based in Appleton, Wisconsin, Miller is a leading provider of advanced, solution-focused products for various welding industry applications. The company’s extensive product line includes metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), stick and engine-driven welders, plasma cutters, fume extraction machines and automated systems.

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln invented the world’s first variable voltage arc welder in 1911. The company is now a globally recognized leader in designing and manufacturing a wide range of products, such as filler metals, MIG and TIG welders, guns and torches and fume control solutions.


The Hypertherm family of brands makes customer-focused innovation its primary driving force. Among the numerous product offerings are industry-leading plasma cutting systems, specialty consumables, waterjet systems and torches and cutting heads for various applications.


ESAB Corporation is a worldwide leader in welding and cutting products and solutions for a broad assortment of industries. Categories include arc welding equipment, cutting automation, arc gouging, robotics and filler metals. The company’s extensive brand family includes well-known manufacturers like VictorStoodyTweco and Thermal Dynamics

Norton Abrasives

Norton offers over 130 years of industrial abrasives experience and expertise. The company maintains the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of blending, cutting, finishing, grinding and polishing equipment and supplies for industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to electronics and metal fabrication.


Metabo weld shavers deliver superior results when machining filler welds and butt weld joints. The company also manufactures effective cutting, sanding and milling equipment like angle grinders and other metal processing essentials. Additional product lines include saws, battery pack systems, cordless tools and drilling equipment.

Special Metals

Now owned by Precision Castparts Corp., Special Metals is a worldwide leader in developing, producing and distributing high-nickel alloys for critical engineering applications. The company’s extensive welding products lineup includes coated electrodes, flux-cored filler wires and flux for joining various metals.


Kobelco Welding of America is a Houston-based company offering an extensive selection of welding consumables and arc welding robots. The company’s customer-focused business approach has fueled its substantial growth since its founding in 1990. 

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Contact Meritus Gas Partners to learn more about the equipment brands available through our independently operated distributor network and how they can benefit your welding and gas processes. We’ll also help you find a supplier in your area. 

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