Electronics Gases

The electronics industry is expansive and continually growing with our modern reliance on electronic devices. The manufacturing processes for these essential devices rely on a series of bulk gases. With Meritus Gas, you can connect with our partners that meet your supply requirements.

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Gases for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Gases are most commonly used in electronics for semiconductor manufacturing. This process demands aspects like advanced cleaning and temperature control to create a quality product.

Argon plays a role in many stages of semiconductor manufacturing. During deposition, this gas flows into a process chamber to activate a reaction with a substrate. This reaction creates the materials that act as conductors, semiconductors and insulators in electronics.

Argon is also used alongside several other gases in the photolithography stage. This process helps shape devices for use in electronics. Additionally, argon is employed for etching components and creating silicon ingots.

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Oxygen is most commonly used in the annealing process in semiconductor manufacturing. Manufacturers create a reaction with oxygen and an existing thin film on a component to create a new oxide layer on the surface. This gas can also be used during etching.

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Nitrogen is among the most important gases in semiconductor manufacturing based on its number of uses. It’s most commonly used for inerting and purging different areas of the process flow. Nitrogen helps purge the vacuum and waste abatement systems to keep the process running smoothly and safely.

Nitrogen trifluoride is a type of nitrogen gas used for chamber cleaning. Electronic devices are sensitive, and even the smallest particles can leave a component nonfunctional after fabrication. Nitrogen trifluoride helps remove these excess materials.

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During photolithography, carbon dioxide supports the procedure by reducing image defects. It’s also used as a gentle cleaner for circuit boards to ensure no dust or debris will disrupt manufacturing.

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Like argon, helium can be used to activate the reactions in deposition. It’s also used for its cooling characteristics and ability to repel heat from surfaces faster than other gases. Controlling temperatures is essential for shrinking circuitry to the required dimensions. As a lightweight gas with small molecules, it can easily fit into the small etchings of semiconductor chips.

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The Meritus Gas Partners Network

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Meritus Gas Partners is a network of independently operated gas suppliers. Our partners have locations throughout the United States to serve your industry applications wherever you’re located. These partners include:

Each of our partners has access to corporate resources with the personal customer service you gain from a small business. Our partners can fulfill various bulk orders for semiconductor manufacturing, including specialty gases with specific purities.

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Meritus Gas selected each partner for their commitment to growth and customer satisfaction. Choosing one of our partners for gas supply leads to a long-term supplier relationship you can always count on. Find a partner near you, or reach out to the Meritus Gas team to learn more about our business model.

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