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Gas and Welding Supplies in Oklahoma

Manufacturing, oil and gas production and distribution, agribusiness (including cannabis production and processing) and construction are a few examples of Oklahoma’s thriving industries. Companies in these fields and many other sectors require various welding and gas supplies in their day-to-day operations.¬†

At Meritus Gas Partners, we recognize the ongoing need for these essential items for businesses like yours. We’ve established an extensive network of like-minded equipment distributors in many portions of the U.S., including Oklahoma. When you choose one of our suppliers, you work with a committed gas and welding partner that wants your business to succeed.¬†

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About Our Welding and Gas Suppliers in Oklahoma

We’re proud to have Tulsa Gas and Gear as a member of our distributor network. TGG has become a trusted source for welding products, safety equipment, gases and industrial tools and accessories because it offers high-quality products backed by reliable, attentive customer service. TGG operates a fully stocked, 12,500-square-foot warehouse in Tulsa to accommodate its massive inventory.¬†

Tulsa Gas and Gear focuses on establishing long-term customer partnerships to understand their needs and provide the most appropriate solutions. The executive team is heavily involved in the company’s day-to-day operations to ensure it keeps a finger on the regional business community’s pulse.

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Choose From Multiple Gas and Welding Supplies in Oklahoma

TGG can be your one-stop shop for welding- and gas-related products encompassing multiple categories.

TGG is an authorized distributor of high-quality MIG, TIG and stick welders from leading manufacturers like¬†Miller Electric¬†and¬†Lincoln Electric. You’ll also find plasma cutters from¬†ESAB¬†and¬†Thermal Dynamics. The company also carries Oklahoma’s largest filler metal inventory and other essential accessories like stick electrodes and welding wire.¬†

Tulsa Gas and Gear maintains an ample supply of gases, including popular items like carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen and propane. Choose from an assortment of industrial-, medical- and food and beverage-grade products in various purities and volumes. Gas equipment, including regulators, flow meters, portable cutting machines and tip cleaners, are also available.

Keeping your workers safe is paramount. TGG offers a wide range of personal protective equipment to minimize the injury risk. Reliable head, eye, face, hearing, foot, body and hand protection products are available from Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, Jackson Safety and other manufacturers.

Round out your equipment inventory with welding tools and accessories for measuring, lifting, lighting, layout and other essential tasks. 

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Expert Repair Service

The TGG team includes experienced, well-trained repair technicians who can keep your welding and gas equipment on the job and maximize its life span. This company is a certified repair center for ESAB, Miller Electric, Thermal Dynamics and many other manufacturers it represents, ensuring fast, high-quality repair work.

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Partner With the Best Gas and Welding Suppliers in Oklahoma

The Meritus Gas Partners team will gladly help you find a distributor in your area and provide more information about its products and services. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with our welding and gas suppliers in Oklahoma today.

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