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Pulp and Paper

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Pulp and Paper Gases

The pulp and paper industry turns organic material into consumer products. This process’s many stages require industrial gases like oxygen. With Meritus Gas Partners, you can source high-quality industrial gases from a partner near you.

Gases for the Pulp and Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry applies many gases to various critical processes.

Oxygen has several applications in the pulp and paper industry. A major use of this gas is delignification. Lignin is a polymer found in many plants that makes them rigid, and it must be removed from the pulp to soften the organic material. Oxygen is used in the delignification process to significantly reduce the lignin in pulp, reducing the need for bleach because lignin molecules are easily oxidized. Less bleach also leads to lower toxicity in the wastewater.

During alkaline extraction, oxygen removes additional lignin that survived the delignification process. Using oxygen in this processing stage increases pulp brightness.

Oxygen also plays a role in white liquor oxidation and black liquor oxidation. White liquor oxidation balances sodium and sulfur in pulp, and black liquor oxidation involves oxidizing sodium sulfate into sodium thiosulfate. Using oxygen for this process helps to reduce sulfur losses and odor emissions that occur with bleach.

Yet another application of oxygen is lime kiln enrichment. Lime kilns are used to turn lime mud into lime, which is valuable to the pulping process. When oxygen is added to a lime kiln, it increases production while saving on fuel and reducing sulfur compound emissions.

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Carbon dioxide offers an effective way to adjust and stabilize pH to reduce deposits, spots and holes in paper. Aggressive chemicals designed for pH balancing often come with corrosion hazards, but CO2 does not present this risk. Other applications for carbon dioxide include reducing dissolved calcium levels, buffering in papermaking systems and increasing dewatering.

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Nitrogen has many general applications in pulp and paper production because it is an inert gas. Many operations use nitrogen for inerting and blanketing inside tanks, pipes and silos where oxygen can affect the quality of the materials inside.

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Partners Throughout The United States

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Meritus Gas Partners is a network of industrial gas and welding supply companies. These suppliers are independently operated and located throughout the United States. Under the Meritus Gas umbrella, these vendors gain access to corporate resources that improve the quality and availability of their products. Independent operation enables them to maintain the local brands they’ve built and provide a personalized touch to customer service.

This balance leads to excellent products and services for your operation. Our distributors provide packaged gases for your applications. These partners are:

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Meritus Gas Partners selects each of our independent distributors for their commitment to customer satisfaction, allowing them to provide long-term vendor relationships to operations. Find a partner near you and contact them today. To learn more about Meritus Gas Partners, get in touch with our team.

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