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Carbon Dioxide Gas for Sale

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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, non-flammable gas that serves a wide range of applications. The Meritus Gas Partners supplier in your area is your one-stop headquarters for industrial grade CO2, food grade CO2, and beverage-grade CO2 tanks that will add value to your business. You’ll also receive exceptional service from family-operated brands with extensive track records.

CO2 High Pressure Supply Systems

Local inventory may vary. Call your local welding supply store to check availability.

CO2 Liquid Dewars

Local inventory may vary. Call your local welding supply store to check availability.

Carbon Dioxide Microbulk and Bulk Supply Systems

What is Bulk Carbon Dioxide?

Bulk carbon dioxide is liquefied CO2, a safer, low-pressure alternative to dangerous high-pressure compressed gas cylinders. Beverage Grade Bulk CO2 is delivered and stored on-site in your beverage carbonation bulk CO2 vessel. The stainless steel bulk CO2 storage tank is automatically refilled on a regular route based schedule, based on your business’s CO2 pattern.

The Bulk CO2 we deliver is converted into gaseous CO2 inside of our storage tank and sent downstream to various beverage gas systems including beer and soda systems. CO2 gas is a main ingredient in any brewer’s recipe and a major flavor contributor in all sodas. CO2 adds an effervescent and slightly bitter taste to beverages and is responsible for the bubbles we all love!

Local bulk and microbulk capabilities vary. Call your local welding supply store to check on local options.

Carbon Dioxide Cost and Availability

Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of several industrial processes, including the manufacture of ammonia and ethanol. CO2 also occurs naturally underground and wells are used to bring it to the surface. During the pandemic, several ethanol plants shut down due to a lack of demand, and they have not restarted, leading to a tightening of supply. Recent legislation that increases tax credits for carbon sequestration impacts sourcing costs for the operators of commercial-scale carbon dioxide purification plants.

Besides increased sourcing costs and fewer sources, there are other cost drivers, including labor and energy/transportation expenses, especially diesel fuel and electric power.

Unfortunately, summertime is typically CO2 shortage time. It is a period of peak demand combined with a period where many ammonia plants take extended planned outages. We work hard to have alternative supply sources and onsite storage to help us navigate blips in availability.

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Industrial CO2 Uses and Applications

As a leading industrial carbon dioxide cylinder supplier, a Meritus Gas Partners member can provide CO2 tanks that can serve multiple purposes.

Combining CO2 with argon gas produces a shielding effect that protects molten metal against atmospheric contamination during arc welding. Carbon dioxide can also support cutting, casting, forming and other metal fabrication techniques.

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Our carbon dioxide gas for sale can aid the oil and gas industry during tertiary oil recovery processes from reservoirs. It can also assist with waterless hydraulic fracturing operations by replacing water. Using CO2 eliminates the risk of damage caused by water blockages, resulting in increased production and higher recovery rates.

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CO2 gas can control pulp levels during paper production by boosting pulp yields and increasing bleached stock and brownstock. Carbon dioxide is an optimal choice for these processes because it is only slightly acidic and safer to use than other materials. Implementing CO2 instead of chemicals for these applications can reduce your company’s operating costs and improve your bottom line.

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Meritus Gas Partners can help industrial and municipal wastewater treatment operations when implementing CO2 to improve their methods. Injecting CO2 into the wastewater causes carbonic acid to form, which adjusts the pH balance to an acceptable level. This process generates no harmful byproducts and is easy to manage.

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Carbon Dioxide Safety

Although carbon dioxide is not classified as a hazardous or toxic substance, it can be dangerous at high levels. The wrong type of exposure can cause asphyxiation as CO2 can potentially displace oxygen. Learn about the risks of handling, storing and using carbon dioxide by accessing our carbon dioxide SDS sheet.

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At Meritus Gas Partners, we represent a network of independently-operated packaged gas distributors that deliver gas and related equipment to companies that rely on gases to meet their objectives. As part of our federation, local, family-run gas suppliers offer the customer service they’re known for while expanding their capabilities through our partnership.

See the difference in customer experience when you purchase industrial CO2 gas for sale from a Meritus Gas Partners member. Locate a distributor near you or request additional information by returning our online contact form today.

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