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Welding Supplies

At Meritus Gas Partners, we understand the value of partnering with one company to cover all your industrial welding supply requirements. Our network of distributors offers an extensive range of gases and welding supplies from many of the industry’s top brands, all backed by the individualized attention and top-class customer service you deserve.


Practical, effective welding gas mixtures are the foundation of every welding operation. These high-quality mixtures offer various benefits to certain materials and specific welding processes, including protecting the weld against harmful elements in the atmosphere. 

We offer a complete lineup of gases for the welding industry, including:

Industries We Serve

Industries of all shapes and sizes rely on welding for their daily operations. The distributors from Meritus Gas Partners can provide the welding gases, supplies and services you need to maximize your organization’s production, efficiency and budget. Our professionals have decades of combined experience helping to solve industry-specific challenges for applications involving constructionagriculturetransportation and manufacturing.


Our distributors offer welding supplies and products from the industry’s most recognized brands. Relationships with dozens of top suppliers enable us to offer high-quality products at cost-effective prices, providing a comprehensive range of services that few competitors can approach. Many of our facilities are certified by various manufacturers to provide repair and preventive maintenance services for the equipment they distribute.

Industrial Welding Products, Supplies and Services

Meritus Gas Partners is a single source for all your welding needs, including:

  • Welding and cutting equipment: Our welding and cutting equipment line includes orbital welding systems, guns, torches and fume control. 
  • Welding wire and electrodes: We offer welding wire and electrodes from top brands for all welding processes. 
  • Welding and cutting consumables: Our welding and cutting consumables include a range of flux and filler metals to meet your production requirements. 
  • Gas equipment: We supply high-performance gas equipment for various welding methods, including mixture equipment, gas cylinders, regulators and flow meters. 
  • Abrasives: Our abrasives help operations prepare surfaces properly to ensure the highest-quality welds. 
  • PPE and safety supplies: We offer personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety supplies to protect against potential workplace hazards. 
  • Tools: Our tool offerings range from stick welders and trolleys to chipping hammers and pliers. 

Many of our local partners offer value-added services to welding operations, including tool repairs, welding equipment repairs and equipment rentals.

Discover More With Meritus Gas Partners

If you’re looking for a reputable welding supply store near you to handle all your operational needs, choose from¬†one of our many retail distributors. You can also¬†contact us online¬†today to request additional information.