Argon-Carbon Dioxide Gas Mixtures

Argon-Carbon Dioxide Welding Gas

Argon is a typical gas choice for many welding applications. Argon is inert, enabling it to form a nonreactive gas shield that protects the weld. It also won’t form compounds with other materials that could negatively impact the workpiece’s quality and performance. 

Many argon-compatible gases can improve welding results. Combining argon with carbon dioxide (CO2) increases penetration, stiffens the arc and helps prevent oxidation of the weld metal. 

A Meritus Gas Partners supplier can provide various argon-carbon dioxide mixtures to meet your welding needs. You’ll get a high-quality product that adds value to your processes and receive reliable support. 

Argon/CO2 Mix Cost and Availability

One of the benefits of choosing an argon-carbon dioxide blend is its relatively low cost, which makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes. The price you’ll pay depends on several factors, including the size and volume of the argon/CO2 tank. While argon and carbon dioxide are abundant materials, availability can be an issue in some areas of the United States, especially during summer time when carbon dioxide production experiences seasonal issues. 

Argon/CO2 Uses and Applications

These blends are available with different levels of argon and carbon dioxide gas. The specific application indicates the best combination for your needs:

A mixture with this high level of argon content works well for short-circuiting and pulse spray transfer on various material thicknesses. You can also use it for gas metal arc welding (GMAW) of low-alloy steel. This blend provides increased tolerance to mill scale and an easily controllable weld pool.

The combination functions similarly to the 95%-5% blend. However, the increased carbon dioxide content provides a higher heat input, resulting in a wider weld pool with more fluidity. It also performs well for pulsed spray and short-circuiting transfer.

This versatile blend has multiple industrial uses with low-alloy and carbon steels. It maximizes productivity in the short-circuit transfer mode when working with thin gauge metals by minimizing the excessive melt-through tendency. It also supports the spray arc transfer mode. 

Use this mixture containing a higher carbon dioxide gas concentration for short-circuiting applications or spray transfer carbon steel welding projects.

This gas blend is a standard choice for GMAW processes involving short-circuiting transfer on low-carbon steel. It delivers excellent results on heavy base metals. Other beneficial characteristics include good weld bead appearance, weld pool control and arc stability.

Argon/CO2 Safety

An argon-carbon dioxide cylinder contains pressurized gas, and exposure to extreme heat could cause an explosion. Never inhale the gas, as it can cause asphyxiation by displacing oxygen. Always use and store cylinders in a well-ventilated area away from other potentially hazardous materials. 

Choose Meritus Gas Partners as Your CO₂-Argon Mix Supplier

When you purchase argon-carbon dioxide welding gas from one of our distributors, you’ll receive attentive service from a local, family-run company that cares about your business’s success. 

Learn more about argon-carbon dioxide blends and how they can benefit your welding processes. Contact Meritus Gas Partners for additional information and to locate a supplier near you. 

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