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Volunteer Welding

Volunteer Welding is your one-stop headquarters for welding supplies and other hardgoods. Harold and Evelyn McMurtry fulfilled their dream of starting a family-owned welding supply company by purchasing the Nashville division of National Cylinder Gas in October 1973 and launching Volunteer Welding in Tennessee. The company has experienced exponential growth over the past half-century without abandoning its service-oriented business approach. 

As part of the thriving Meritus Gas Partners network of independently operated distributors, Volunteer Welding will meet your company’s expectations. You’ll have access to a vast inventory of high-quality products at competitive prices and receive timely, attentive service throughout the purchasing process and beyond. 

Explore the Volunteer Welding Product Inventory

Volunteer Welding’s five Tennessee locations can provide your business with a wide selection of premium products in multiple categories. 

Welding Supply and Equipment

Welding supply and equipment sales have been Volunteer Welding cornerstones since 1973. The company’s extensive selection includes numerous TIG, MIG, stick, spot and arc gouging options from Miller Electric, Tweco and Lincoln Electric. You can also purchase mobile gas-cutting equipment from Victor, Uniweld and other leading manufacturers and essential supplies like personal protective equipment, filler metals and various tools and hardware. 

Perfect Soda
Beverage Grade Carbon Dioxide

CO2 Delivery Services

Volunteer Welding Supply is your go-to source for beverage grade carbon dioxide deliveries for your restaurant, bar, tavern, venue, truck stop, theater, etc. If you sell fountain or draught beverages and you’re still dealing with high pressure cylinders of CO2, we can provide savings while increasing reliability, quality and safety.

Volunteer Welding entered the beverage carbonation market in 1976. The company continues to offer the best bulk carbon dioxide and beverage gas systems for sale. If you operate a bar, restaurant or similar establishment, you can count on precise carbonation and a perfect dispense with every pour. Plus, you’ll receive superior service from our partner.

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Bulk Gases

Volunteer Welding’s Bulk Division can meet your company’s needs if you require a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to purchasing gas cylinders or higher gas volumes. Their team can deliver gases to your facility or job site on your schedule.

Industrial and Medical Gases

If you’re looking for cylinder gases for industrial or medical applications, Volunteer Welding offers everything from nitrous oxide and medical oxygen to pure hydrocarbons and laser gases. The outside sales staff is available to help you select the right product for your needs and budget. 

Pipeline Machines and Equipment

Pipeline jobs require an assortment of highly specialized equipment. Volunteer Welding supports these operations in Tennessee and across the United States by providing essential machinery. 

Equipment Repair Service

As a certified welding equipment and gas apparatus repair facility, Volunteer Welding can handle minor and more in-depth repair projects for all the leading brands. Our focus is to keep your machines on the job while maximizing their productivity and life span. 

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Experience the Meritus Gas Partners Advantage

At Meritus Gas Partners, we collaborate with leading gas and welding equipment distributors who share our commitment to delivering superior service. As a reputable, family-owned business with a stellar 50-year track record, Volunteer Welding meets these stringent requirements. You’ll partner with a reliable supplier that always keeps your company’s best interests in mind. 

Learn more about the benefits of choosing Volunteer Welding for gases and welding supplies in Tennessee. Reach out to Meritus Gas Partners for more information today.