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Based in Appleton, WI, Miller Electric Mfg. LLC began as a one-person operation in 1929 and has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding products. Miller welding machines are standard equipment in multiple industries and applications, including aviation, construction, fabrication, motorsports, agriculture and marine.¬†

Miller remains true to its original philosophy of designing and manufacturing innovative equipment that meets the customers’ current and future needs.¬†

Your area’s Meritus Gas Partners distributor is your one-stop headquarters for Miller welding equipment for sale. Get a high-quality product that adds value to your company and receive top-notch service from a local business.¬†

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Your nearby Meritus Gas Partners supplier offers these hardgoods and many other Miller welding products. 

These Miller welders can meet your most demanding applications:

  • MIG:¬†Miller MIG welders consist of single-phase, all-in-one and three-phase systems ideal for various aluminum and stainless steel welding applications.
  • TIG:¬†The wide assortment of Miller TIG welders for sale can make clean, precise welds when working with stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum.
  • Stick:¬†These high-performing machines provide a simple, versatile and inexpensive solution when welding outdoors or working with dirt or rusty materials.
  • Multiprocess:¬†As the name implies, these machines enable you to tackle numerous welding jobs in the shop or remotely without changing power sources.

Miller plasma equipment performs flawlessly in various cutting and gouging applications. Key features include flexible cables, quick-connect plasma torches and models with machine torch capabilities. 

Miller’s extensive line of automated welding solutions can alleviate issues resulting from labor shortages, frequent reworks, idle equipment and exorbitant scrap costs. Using these advanced robotic machines can increase quality and productivity while minimizing downtime. Choose from an all-in-one or an integrated multiple-component system that meets your needs. You can also get an upgrade for existing welding automation.

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These systems enable your company to comply with the stringent Occupational Safety and Health Administration fume management and control requirements. These machines are designed for welding environments and keep fumes out of the user’s breathing zone.¬†

Does your business provide welding services at remote job sites? Miller offers a host of integrated truck solutions that give your field technicians everything they need to complete projects on schedule while minimizing vehicle idle times. You can also achieve lower operating and maintenance costs, boosting your business’s bottom line.¬†

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Meritus Gas Partners operates an extensive independent distributor network that can deliver the superior service your company demands and deserves. Get expert assistance choosing the best Miller welding equipment solutions for your needs and budget, enabling you to purchase with confidence. You’ll also work with a local, family-owned company that understands your business.

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Learn more about the benefits of choosing Miller products for your welding needs. Contact Meritus Gas Partners for more information and to locate an independently operated distributor in your area today.

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