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Oil and Gas

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Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is a powerful sector that drives the economy. This industry requires various specialized tools and materials, such as industrial gases. At Meritus Gas Partners, you can source your gases from a trusted supplier.

Gases for the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry uses a variety of industrial and specialty gases in various processes.

Nitrogen has many applications in the oil and gas industry. High-pressure nitrogen is used in enhanced oil recovery because it helps to recover oil from deep reservoirs. It can also be used to maintain reservoir pressure in place of natural gas.

Oil and gas operations also rely on nitrogen for well fracturing in water-sensitive and brittle shale formations. Water-based treatments can cause swelling in these areas, creating a barrier to fracking. Nitrogen gas is low density, so it’s often used for fracking in unconventional formations like tight sands and coal bed methane. When using nitrogen for fracking, operations can benefit from the fast cleanup of flowback fluid and reduce chemical additives and water requirements.

Another application of nitrogen is pigging and purging pipelines. Nitrogen can be the driving force for pigs and pushes them through the pipe. After pigging is complete, the gas can purge the pipe and dry up any remaining water.

Nitrogen’s inert properties are also valuable to oil and gas operations. Many operations will use this gas for inerting instrument panels and flare gases. Additionally, nitrogen can displace well fluids to initiate flow and clean wells.

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While nitrogen is one of the more common enhanced oil recovery gases, carbon dioxide can also be used. Carbon dioxide is valuable for this process because it’s miscible with crude oil, so it can mix with oil in all proportions. When the CO2 mixes with the oil, it improves mobility and causes the oil to flow more efficiently.

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Oil refineries, power plants and other similar industries that have EPA permits covering their emissions rely upon EPA Protocol Gases in their analytical laboratories to monitor their performance versus their permit parameters.

Partners Throughout The United States

About Meritus Gas Partners

Meritus Gas Partners is a network of independently operated gas and welding supply vendors throughout the United States. Our business model empowers these businesses with enterprise resources to provide the high-quality products industrial operations demand. Through independent operation, these companies can maintain the local brands they’ve built and remain connected to the communities they’ve flourished within.

These companies also provide personalized customer service, unlike the attention you receive from larger corporations. Enjoy the connection to your vendor and build a long-term partnership you can count on. Learn more about our suppliers:

Each of our partners works in packaged gases to meet your industry requirements. In filling gas orders onsite, these providers exemplify impressive quality control while offering convenient delivery solutions.

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Meritus Gas connects you with industrial gas suppliers for your oil and gas demands. We’ve selected each partner for their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality services. Find a partner near you today to find gases for the oil and gas industry. Contact Meritus Gas Partners to learn more about our business model.

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