Gas Supplies for Numerous Industries

Many industries rely on various gases and gas equipment to function every day and serve their customer base. Make your local Meritus Gas Partners independently operated distributor your one-stop headquarters for all your gas supplies. When you choose one of our partners, you’ll receive superior service, too. 

Meritus Gas Partners has formed an extensive affiliate network covering multiple states. Our members are reputable, family-run businesses that are part of the markets they serve and understand their customers’ unique challenges. You’ll collaborate with a trusted supplier that always has your company’s best interests in mind. 

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Choose From an Assortment of Gases and Equipment

Your Meritus Gas Partners supplier carries gases and hardgoods for multiple applications. You’ll have fast, easy access to all the popular and essential gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, helium, hydrogen and many others. These gases are available in various grades and purity levels to meet any requirement or application. Many of our distributors offer the option to purchase gas in cylinders or bulk. The latter entails receiving convenient deliveries to a refillable tank installed on your property.

You’ll also find numerous gas equipment options:

  • Gas regulators and flow meters
  • Portable cutting machines
  • Flashback arrestors
  • Adapters and fittings
  • Welding gas hoses

Industries We Serve

Our suppliers can provide gases and equipment for these and other industries and applications:

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