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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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Water and Wastewater Treatment Gases

Wastewater treatment facilities are essential to communities and the environment. These operations ensure we have clean drinking water for everyday use and that our natural surroundings are pollutant-free. Industrial gases from Meritus Gas Partners support this industry’s goals.

Gases for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities must make water safe for the environment, manage processes rapidly and keep costs down. Certain industrial gases play a notable role in meeting these goals.

Oxygen is essential to the aeration process in wastewater treatment. Wastewater treatment facilities aerate water with oxygen to encourage the biodegradation of bacteria. These organisms will use oxygen to break down all organic matter containing carbon, which creates carbon dioxide.

The biodegradation process is much slower without the presence of oxygen, and it will only fully occur under specific septic conditions. Effective and efficient wastewater treatment is impossible without this gas. Given the high volume of wastewater generated by communities and facilities, efficiency is necessary.

Additionally, septic biodegradation creates an intense odor that can be unpleasant for surrounding residents. Oxygen aeration is odorless and easily adjustable. As environmental factors change, treatment facilities can modify the amount of oxygen used to keep the bacteria alive and regenerating for water treatment.

The air we breathe is approximately 21% oxygen. By using oxygen for aeration instead of air, the capacity of a treatment plant can be expanded substantially without changing the plant’s overall footprint.

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Carbon dioxide water treatments are an alternative to chemical treatments. Many wastewater facilities have previously relied on chemical mixtures to treat the water and make it safe for consumption. However, these chemicals pose environmental contamination risks and come at high costs.

When CO2 is injected into wastewater, it forms carbonic acid. The carbonic acid naturally adjusts the water’s pH to a suitable measurement, and the byproducts it creates are completely harmless. No CO2 injected in the water ends up in the environment. Carbonic acid has proven to be much more effective at adjusting pH than chemical counterparts, and there’s no risk of injecting too much CO2.

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Partners Throughout The United States

Source Gases for Water Treatment From Meritus Gas Partners

Meritus Gas Partners represents a network of industrial gas and welding supply distributors. Our partners are located throughout the United States to meet your industry demands. Existing under the Meritus Gas umbrella gives these suppliers access to corporate-level resources to provide the highest quality products. Our partners also operate independently to maintain their local brands and provide attentive and personalized customer service.

With bulk, microbulk and cylinder gas capabilities, our suppliers can work with your operation’s goals. Convenient and flexible delivery also ensures you receive the industrial gases you need when you need them. Learn more about our partners and their focus areas:

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