Welding Abrasives

Welding Abrasives

Abrasives play several critical roles in welding applications, from shaping and surface preparation to polishing and final inspection. Besides providing a clean surface for new welds, high-quality abrasives can help repair bad welds and improve the finish of a final product. Since they can remove excess material quickly, high-performance solutions like grinding wheels and discs are also critical for early fabrication stages, including cutting and notching.

Meritus Gas Partners offers a comprehensive selection of abrasives through our extensive welding gas and industrial supply distributor network. These partnerships enable us to provide the personalized attention customers expect from a locally operated business with the support and resources of a leading national brand.

Understanding Metalworking Abrasives

Welding abrasives differ based on the specific process and fabrication requirements. Whether you contact us directly or connect with a local distributor, we can help you choose the perfect type of grinding disc, cutting wheel or polishing product to improve weld quality and increase your operational efficiency. Our partnerships with some of the industry’s most well-known abrasive manufacturers enable us to offer competitively priced products with fast delivery times.

Examples of our abrasives include:  

  • Grinding abrasives: Grinding abrasives shape, smooth and remove excess metal from welds and workpiece surfaces. They typically come in wheels or discs made from aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and similar materials. 
  • Cutting abrasives: Cutting abrasives are versatile tools that can cut through various materials, from stainless steel and aluminum to copper and iron. Product types include chop saw wheels and cutoff discs.
  • Sanding, buffing and polishing: These solutions play several vital roles in welding, including removing imperfections like burrs, smoothing rough surfaces and enhancing a finished product’s shine. Solutions range from sanding pads and conditioning discs to polishing compounds and buffing wheels.
  • Wire wheels and brushes: Wire wheels and brushes with heavy-duty bristles perform various tasks in fabrication, including cleaning before welding and removing imperfections between fabrication processes. Wire wheels typically attach to power tools for efficient production, while brushes are ideal for manual applications and harder-to-reach areas. 

Benefits of Choosing Meritus Gas Partners for Metal Fabrication Abrasives

At Meritus Gas Partners, our primary goal is to create an elite distributor network that delivers the individualized service of a small or mid-size operation backed by the strong support of an industry leader. Our distributors offer a vast inventory of the abrasives you need to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. In addition to helping you choose the most practical solutions for your unique applications, our relationships with global manufacturers allow us to offer customized solutions for your specific fabrication requirements.

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The distributor network at Meritus Gas Partners has members across the United States that can provide high-quality abrasives and the welding and cutting accessories your operation needs to succeed. Contact us online today to find a local distributor near you.

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