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Does your business utilize oxy-fuel or air-fuel cutting, heating or welding techniques? Victor products can play a vital role in your day-to-day operations. Victor, a member of the ESAB brand family, is a leading global manufacturer of industrial gas equipment for manual oxy-fuel, air-fuel cutting and gas control processes. 

Victor welding equipment adds substantial value to numerous applications, including repair and maintenance, wind energy, mobile machinery, shipbuilding, petrochemical and liquified natural gas. The Meritus Gas Partners distributor in your area offers Victor welding torches for sale and other essential products you can trust to deliver superior quality and performance. 

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Select From a Wide Assortment of Victor Products

The extensive Victor product line can meet your specific welding and cutting needs while improving your work processes. Available options from a Meritus Gas Partners distributor include:

  • Cutting, heating and welding outfits
  • Flashback arrestors and accessories
  • Portable cutting machines for mobile applications
  • Machine and straight torches
  • Gas flow meters and regulators
  • Nozzles, tips, handles and attachments
  • Powder spray torches
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Why Choose Victor Welding Equipment?

Victor has an extensive track record as an innovator. This manufacturer invented the modern welding torch and regulator, and it continues to set the industry standard with its line of EDGE regulators that deliver a more consistent flow over a wide range of cylinder pressures. Victor continues to make performance, reliability and safety the cornerstones of its design and manufacturing processes. 

Victor welding torches and other equipment offerings also feature consistently superior quality. The company implements stringent quality control standards to ensure that every product can meet the rigorous demands of welding applications without requiring frequent repairs. With the right tools, your teams can complete more work in less time and with minimal downtime. 

As part of the ESAB family, Victor provides unrivaled expertise for every product. Your Meritus Gas Partners distributor can be your one-stop resource for reliable information to help you choose the right equipment for your needs, budget and applications. 

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Learn More About the Advantages of Victor Welding Equipment

Discover how Victor welding torches and other equipment can help your business boost performance and productivity and provide a competitive advantage. Contact Meritus Gas Partners today for more information about the various Victor product lines. We can also help you locate an independently operated distributor in your area. 

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