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Hydrogen is the most abundant element on Earth — it’s an essential component in the water we consume, and the air we breathe contains a small amount. Hydrogen is also the lightest and simplest element, with only one proton. Another unique characteristic is that it bonds easily with virtually every other element to form various compounds.

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Hydrogen Gas Cost and Availability

Although the hydrogen element is part of the molecular structure of every living thing, hydrogen gas is extremely scarce and expensive. Extracting hydrogen gas from fossil fuels is typically the least costly production method. Other common hydrogen gas generation techniques include steam methane reforming and electrolysis, which entails using electricity to split water and remove the hydrogen molecules.

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Hydrogen Uses and Applications

Hydrogen gas has multiple industrial uses:

  • Power generation: Hydrogen is a primary component of various power generation and grid balancing processes. It acts as an energy carrier and can provide centralized power for storage and distributed power for off-grid and backup applications.
  • Transportation: Hydrogen fuel is becoming increasingly common in various industrial transportation modes and methods. It’s now used to power heavy machinery, material-handling equipment, freight trains and captive fleets.
  • Feedstock: Hydrogen serves as raw material for numerous industrial products and applications. Examples include ammonia, methanol, steel, oil and gas refineries and long-distance transport.
  • Building fuel: Some residential and commercial buildings incorporate hydrogen fuel to supply heat and power.
  • Industry: Many manufacturing entities now use hydrogen gas as a clean energy source for essential processes such as welding, cutting and metallurgy.

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Hydrogen Gas Safety

Hydrogen gas has several properties that make it safer than many other gases. Hydrogen is nontoxic, and — because it is lighter than air — it dissipates quickly after being released into the atmosphere. The latter characteristic enables the fuel to disperse rapidly when a leak occurs.

Like most gases, hydrogen poses several risks. Because hydrogen has wide variations of flammable concentrations in the atmosphere and lower energy than natural gas or gasoline, it ignites easily. Therefore, using and storing hydrogen gas in areas with adequate ventilation is vital. All hydrogen systems also require sufficient leak detection processes.

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