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Retail Gases

The retail industry is expansive and encompasses various consumer products, from appliances and furniture to clothing. Certain sellers within this industry rely on gases to meet their consumers’ needs related to their products and market. Meritus Gas Partners will connect you with a supplier that can meet these gas requirements.

Gases for the Retail Industry

While the retail industry doesn’t rely on high-purity gases like industrial sectors, cylinder gases still play a role in certain products and services.

In retail spaces, helium is for balloons. Party stores and similar businesses keep helium cylinders on hand to fill balloon orders for customers. Helium tanks are also valuable for retail providers hosting events or renting out tanks for consumers. Helium is also used for parade balloons, a far more niche market that relies on this gas in large quantities.

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Consumers depend on propane tanks for powering grills, using fire pits, supporting backup generators and much more. Propane burns cleanly compared to other fuels and is versatile. Many consumers expect to find propane tanks for sale at patio and home retail locations. While retailers often sell consumer-sized tanks in-store, they usually have cylinders onsite to refill these tanks for returning customers.

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Butane is becoming an increasingly popular power source for camping gear like portable grills and kitchen torches. Many camping and outdoor retailers will have a stock of butane canisters to support single-burner cooking stoves. These canisters are also useful for powering portable heaters for backpackers and campers.

Campers typically choose butane over propane because it’s much lighter. This gas does not need to be stored at high pressure, so consumers can carry it without adding extra weight to their backpacks. Butane canisters also offer more energy by volume, making them useful in remote locations with limited access to fuel.

Not all welding is industrial in nature so we offer retail welding mixtures for sale. A variety of hobbies can utilize welding mixtures including folks who work on cars and/or motorcycles. There are also artists who work in cut and welded metals who use our welding mixtures.

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Much like the welding mixtures referred to above, hobbyists and artists can use oxy-acetylene torches in non-industrial environments, which is why we offer both oxygen and acetylene for retail purchase.

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Partners Throughout The United States

Buy Retail Gases From Meritus Gas Partners

Meritus Gas Partners is a group of industrial gas and welding supply companies. These suppliers operate independently under the Meritus Gas umbrella, which offers two significant benefits to companies needing to source gases. Meritus Gas provides corporate resources to these companies, so they can provide the highest-quality products available. In addition, their independence allows them to remain connected to their communities through their local brands and provide personalized customer service.

Our network allows retailers to build long-term supplier relationships with companies committed to customer satisfaction. Our partners offer excellent quality control by filling gas orders onsite, and they can deliver gases throughout their service areas. We’ve personally selected each of our distributors for their clear commitment to reliable service and consistent quality.

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Meritus Gas Partners is proud to maintain a network of suppliers dedicated to meeting business demands in all sectors, including retail. Find a distributor near you to source the gases you need for your consumer base. To learn more about Meritus Gas, connect with our team today.

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