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Welding and Cutting Equipment, Accessories, Supplies and Consumables

Besides gases, your local Meritus Gas Partners member carries wide range of products from top manufacturers in the following product lines:

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Welding and Cutting Essentials

State-Of-The-Art Welding and Cutting Equipment

Welding and cutting are essential manufacturing processes, so when you are selecting equipment, always look for options with state-of-the-art technology. This guarantees the best value for money.

At Meritus Gas Partners, we have welding equipment for various applications, but how do you know which product is right for you?

When choosing welding equipment, identify which application you’ll need it for. There are different welding processes and each of them has specific requirements. Browse our selection of TIG, MIG and stick welding equipment.

Advanced Welding and Cutting Automation

Welding and cutting automation are ideal solutions for businesses looking to improve their competitiveness and efficiency. If you’re planning to automate your processes, consider these qualities for your equipment:

  • Welding position
  • Weld quality
  • Welder skill level
  • Power source and capacity
  • Speed and precision
  • CNC capability (for cutting tables)
  • User-friendly controls

Talk to our experts to be sure you’re getting the right welding and cutting equipment.

Premium Welding Wire and Electrodes

Different welding processes require different welding wires and electrodes. Selecting the right materials for your needs ensures superior performance. We offer an assortment of welding wires and electrodes from leading brands, all available for pickup or delivery. Our products include MIG wires, TIG rods, stick electrodes and gas welding rods.

Consistent Welding and Cutting Consumables

Welding and cutting equipment have smaller components also known as consumables. For welding machinery, these are filler metals, electrodes and fluxes. Cutting devices, meanwhile, include drag tips, nozzles and shield cups.

Whatever project you’re working on, always make sure you’re getting high-quality consumables for your equipment. This prevents potential damage to your machinery and gives you the most bang for your buck.

Gas Equipment and Safety Solutions

Innovative Gas Equipment for Industrial Needs

Meritus Gas Partners also specializes in gas equipment distribution. Handling industrial gases involves technical knowledge. Leave it to our experts to connect you to the right gas equipment for your business. With our collection of innovative gas equipment, we can provide products that are customized to your needs.

High-Performance Abrasives

In manufacturing, there’s bound to be a lot of cutting, grinding and deburring work. For these applications, high-performance abrasives are crucial. They help achieve a smooth, polished look for products and surfaces.

Maximize the efficiency of your equipment by only using the right abrasives for various purposes. Check out our list of high-performance abrasives, wire wheels and wire brushes.

Safety First With PPE and Safety Gear

Industrial work exposes you to heavy-duty machinery and hazardous substances. Make sure you and your staff are protected at all times. Shop our PPE and safety gear made from high-quality materials.

Specialty Products & Advanced Equipment

Commercial Beverage Systems

Meritus Gas Partners also offers commercial beverage systems for all types of businesses. Whether you’re in the business of sodas, beer or wine, we have reliable and convenient solutions for carbonated drinks. Choose from our selection of CO2 mini-systems, bulk systems, gas blends and nitrogen generators.

Cryogenic Storage Technologies

Advanced cryogenic systems are crucial storage solutions. We have a variety of high-quality containers ready to meet your business requirements. We partner with leading brands offering the latest cryogenic technologies, so you can be sure to get the best equipment in the market.

Reliable Fire Equipment

We are authorized distributors of OXARC Fire Division products, a leading brand of fire extinguishing equipment. Our OXARC catalog includes industrial first-aid cabinets and burn relief and first-aid medications. We also offer a first-aid kit replenishment service.

Efficient Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Dry ice blasting is an efficient cleaning technique for industrial equipment. It’s great for removing all traces of dirt and germs than traditional cleaning tools. This reduces downtime and prevents damage to your machinery. Plus, it’s ideal for spot cleaning and routine maintenance.

Convenient Rental Equipment Options

If you’re not ready to commit to new equipment yet, why not give our rental services a try? It’s a cost-efficient way to meet your production demands without additional expenses. It’s also an opportunity to try industry-leading equipment before purchasing your own.

Talk to our experts and find out which equipment is available for rent at a location nearest you.

Why Meritus Gas Partners Is Your Ideal Industrial Ally

At Meritus Gas Partners, we are committed to providing satisfaction to our customers. This is evident in our dedication to sourcing only the best industrial equipment in the market. We value our partnership with distributors and consumers, and we remain steadfast in delivering quality, reliability and service.

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Finding the best welding and cutting equipment requires technical knowledge of the industry and its processes. At Meritus Gas Partners, we have experts who can provide valuable advice for your business needs.

You can count on tailored advice from our team and be assured to find the right products tailored to your specific requirements. Our seamless procurement process for industry-leading equipment and supplies is just a click away. Contact us today.