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Rental Equipment at Meritus Gas Partners

Renting is an easy and affordable solution for short-term projects. At Meritus Gas Partners, we cater to your requests through our wide range of rental equipment for various industrial needs. We have rentals for welding equipment, safety gear, air tools and specialized equipment. Above all, we prioritize safety and provide guidance on selecting the right equipment for specific tasks. 

Welding Equipment Rentals

Our rental and technical support groups are dedicated to the customers we serve, supplying the latest technology and apparatus available in the welding industry today. We provide a large selection of welding equipment in stock and ready for rent. 

Explore the Variety of Welding Equipment for Rent 

Selecting the appropriate tools for welding takes on the efficiency and success rate of the project. We tailor rental solutions for diverse industrial projects, from the smallest job to multi-operator welding and cutting operations. Find top-tier welding equipment available for different capacities and a variety of applications from our inventory, such as:

  • Engine-driven¬†portable welders (gasoline or diesel)
  • Air compressors
  • Plasma cutting equipment (sheet metal to 1 1/2‚Ä≥ cut ranges)
  • Power generators
  • Oxy/Acet/Alt fuel cutting kits
  • Cylinder gases, carts and hoses
  • Mig welders (110-650 Amps)
  • Tig welders (100-350 Amp AC/DC)
  • Stick welders (100-500 Amp)
  • Stud welders (up to 1600 Amp)
  • Electrode stabilizing ovens
  • Air and electric power tools
  • Cable sets with quick connects
  • Arc gouging torches
  • Exothermic cutting systems
  • Pipe beveling tools/fixtures
  • High-pressure¬†regulators for purging applications
  • Gas mixer controls
  • Cylinder storage racks
  • Magnetic base drills
  • Source capture smoke systems

Premium Brands in Our Welding Equipment Rental Fleet

Compatibility is a must for your existing systems. We deliver welding solutions designed for industrial and commercial needs. Our extensive welding essentials come from top-tier brands, including:

  • Miller
  • Lincoln Electric
  • ESAB
  • Bohler
  • Stoody
  • Select Arc¬†

Essential Safety Equipment Rentals 

One of the challenges companies face is having the right equipment on the job. This becomes especially critical when it comes to having the right safety equipment. Without the necessary safety tools on site, companies run the risk of injuring workers and incurring costly delays. 

Prioritize Safety With Our Rental Equipment Offerings

The critical role of safety gear in industrial operations extends beyond the operational efficiency of the equipment. It encompasses the safety of the people working for your business. Protect your team with the necessary safety essentials from our collection. Our diverse range of safety equipment for all project types comprises:

  • Air monitors¬†
  • Tripods/3-way winches and work winches¬†
  • Confined space blowers¬†
  • Supplied air systems¬†
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus¬†
  • Automated external defibrillator trainers¬†
  • Drager chip measurement system

Air Tools and Compressors for Industrial Projects 

You want to keep your hardworking personnel cool, confident and safe from heat exhaustion. You also want to use long-lasting, powerful cooling systems to protect your company’s investment. Air tools and compressors are the answer to your needs.

Enhance Productivity With Air Compressors and Air Tools

Each of our many rental equipment options focuses on how to keep equipment in full blast and efficient for a long time. Rent our ever-reliable air equipment to boost operational performance while generating cost savings. You can use our air compressors and relevant air tools for short-term and long-term projects, depending on your requirements. 

Specialized Tool and Equipment Rentals for Every Need 

Our rental inventory is as diverse as our network of brands. We provide dependable and long-lasting equipment for unique applications. 

Maintain Cool, Safe Work Environments With Industrial Misting Fans 

Just like air compressors, industrial misting fans are valuable equipment to keep employees comfortable and productive while on duty. These cooling systems ensure a regulated temperature in work sites, which is pivotal in various business setups. Choose an industrial misting fan that complements your workflow and streamlines overall manufacturing processes.

Access a Wide Range of Specialized Equipment

Apart from our collection of welding and safety equipment, as well as air compressors and industrial misting fans, we have more options to cater to your specific needs. Reach out to our experts for specialized equipment available for rent.  

Understanding Rental Costs and Strategic Planning 

Renting equipment is part of your overall financial budget. As such, you need to consider the rental price and other fees.

Navigating the Costs of Equipment Rental 

We are committed to offering competitive pricing and transparency in all our rentals. Rental costs are calculated daily unless there are certain agreements between the lessor and the lessee. The rental pricing structure depends on the equipment rented, which may include additional facility and handling fees. 

For effective budgeting with equipment rental, follow these key strategies:

  • Plan your budget ahead and in detail.
  • Compare rental prices accordingly.
  • Make sure to treat the equipment properly.
  • Take into account the rental timing and duration.
  • Read the rental terms thoroughly.

The Meritus Gas Partners Difference in Equipment Rental 

Meritus Gas Partners commits to exceptional local service by providing you with an extensive selection of equipment rental. Our team works collaboratively to fulfill your business needs on time. 

Unwavering Quality and Customer Service 

Our pledge to provide unmatched service and support ensures you get what you paid for. When you rent equipment from our partners, you receive superior quality equipment and comprehensive customer care from start to finish.

Tap Into Our Network of Industrial Expertise

Choosing a partner with a strong industrial network generally translates to exceptional service. Meritus Gas Partners is one of the most reliable sources of rental equipment for various applications. Initiate your equipment rental with us and get access to a broad spectrum of equipment and expertise across multiple states.

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Secure Your Rental Equipment Today

At Meritus Gas Partners, we offer seamless transactions and guidance for a hassle-free rental experience. Contact our team today to secure the equipment you need for your next project.