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Acetylene gas for sale

Acetylene Gas for Sale

Acetylene is typically available for pickup at our retail locations or for delivery to your place of business in package sizes shown in the Acetylene Supply Systems table below.

If you’re intrested in getting a quote, here are some questions we’re going to ask you when you call:

  • What’s your application? Are you cutting or heating?
  • What’s your estimated monthly usage?
  • Have you ever considered propylene as an alternative to acetylene?

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Acetylene Supply Systems

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Acetylene Properties

Acetylene is a colorless, flammable gas that serves as a fuel source in various industrial applications. Acetylene gas burns easily and produces a sooty flame. Because it is lighter than air, it won’t create a safety hazard by accumulating at lower atmospheric levels. This property also makes acetylene the recommended choice when working underground. Primary acetylene gas uses include welding, cutting and brazing of steel alloys.

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Examples of acetylene gas’s benefits include:

  • Better cutting quality
  • Increased cutting speeds
  • Faster cut initiation times
  • Lower oxygen consumption

Members of the Meritus Gas Partners network of independent gas distributors offer acetylene gas tanks for sale to meet your business’s needs. They provide products, services and technologies that represent the highest industry standards for quality and reliability.

Acetylene Cost and Availability

Acetylene comes from two sources: chemical plants and a process that combines calcium carbide with water. The calcium carbide process generates a sludge that used to be valued as a fertilizer but now is considered a waste product with high disposal costs. This results in an industry served by a select few companies that operate chemical acetylene plants and enjoy tremendous pricing power in the market.

There are other cost drivers, including labor and energy/transportation expenses, especially diesel fuel and electric power. Limited sources and minor disruptions in production due to planned or unplanned outages have immediate impacts on availability.

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Acetylene Gas Industrial Applications

Acetylene can add value to processes in a wide range of industries.

Acetylene is ideal for welding and metal fabrication tasks because it produces the hottest flame of any commercially available gas. Burning acetylene in oxygen generates a higher flame temperature, increasing precision. This gas works well when welding steel or when spot-heating metal surfaces. It also saves time and reduces process-related costs.

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Industries that leverage cutting and heating processes rely on acetylene gas to maximize results, increase efficiency and boost productivity when performing flame heating, cleaning, spraying and straightening tasks.

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The plastics industry uses acetylene when manufacturing polyethylene and its numerous variants that are found in many commercial and household products.

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The scientific community uses acetylene gas when conducting research and laboratory studies. It helps to establish the age of carbon items by volatilizing the material in a radioactive timeline. It also acts as a fuel source during atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

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Acetylene’s combustibility makes it ideal for automatic lubrification in glass bottle production molding processes.

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Farmers and botanists often use acetylene gas in their plant cultivation practices to assist in the flowering process and promote new growth.

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Why Choose a Meritus Gas Partners Distributor?

At Meritus Gas Partners, our network of high-performing, independently managed welding supply and packaged gas distributors enjoy solid track records for achieving customer satisfaction while maintaining excellent reputations. Our members provide the unparalleled customer service you only receive from small distributors while offering big-company capabilities.

When you work with any of our partners, your business will receive industrial acetylene gas and exceptional local service from family-run companies that have your best interest in mind. You’ll also receive comprehensive support from leading industry experts who will do whatever it takes to maximize your experience. Whether you require regular gas deliveries to keep operations moving as expected or need hard goods such as welding and gas equipment, our partners can help you find everything you need.

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